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Black Friday Tips: Download These Apps

Written by Tara Hall

Shoppers with smartphones, take note! There are about as many apps out there to help you streamline your Black Friday experience as there are bargains to be had.

Look for these, download the helpful ones and get comfortable with them before you head out Friday morning.

  • Amazon Price Check (Free; available for iPhone & Android)
    The world’s largest online retailer will help you find the cheapest price with a simple scan of a barcode or photo of a product. Too busy for that? Just say the name of the item and Amazon Price Check will do the work for you.
  • BFAds.net Black Friday (Free; Available for iPhone & Android)
    App version of the super helpful website BFAds.net, granting shoppers early access to major retailers’ secret sales and more.
  • Black Friday (Free; available for iPhone)
    This app, powered by Fatwallet.com, allows users to not only peruse retailer’s Black Friday ads, but also search them and organize customized lists.
  • Coupon Sherba (Free; available for iPhone & Android)
    Individual retailers also have their own apps, which they’ll be using to offer smartphone customers special deals. So if you’re a fan of Walgreens, Target, Kohl’s, JCPenney or American Eagle, get to downloadin’.
  • Shopping by The Find (Free; Available for iPhone & Android)
    This all-encompassing app allows you to scan the barcode of an item and find the best deal, along with any relevant coupon codes or shipping discounts.
  • FacebookTwitter and FourSquare (All free; All available for iPhone & Android)
    These social media bigwigs will be powerful on Black Friday. Friend, follow and check in your favorite retailers for extra-special deals.

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