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Last-Minute Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Written by LJ Maggie

Being single, there are many times of the year I dread: New Year’s Eve, Sweetest Day (for those in the Midwest) and the worst of all–Valentines Day.

If you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is probably a day of love and happiness. Some couples like the holiday so much, they choose it for special occasions like engagements or weddings.

As a single person, Valentine’s Day can be not so enjoyable. All of the red, pink and lovey dovey sentiments are enough to make you sick.

As a single rider, I have a love/hate relationship with V-Day. I love it because it is the day before my birthday, and I hate it because I’m usually single. As far back as college, my friends and I have thrown anti-Valentine’s Day parties, most times wearing black shirts or arm bands while we hit the bars.

Are you single this year? Consider following our lead and throwing your own Anti-Valentine’s Day party. Below are a few entertaining ideas for your own V-Day bash:

Ex boyfriend bonfire
No, I’m not talking about burning your ex-boyfriends. Instead, burn the items you still have from your ex-boyfriends. Though this exorcism might be best hosted out in the woods or at a campground, you can carefully carry it out in an outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplace, BUT BE CAREFUL. Instruct all the women to bring something left behind by an ex or something that sparks their memory. With the fire raging, each woman throws her item into the flames while sharing a little story about it. This idea sound familiar? An early episode of “Friends” (aptly titled “The One with the Candy Hearts”) had Rachel, Monica and Phoebe doing the same thing.

Movies and cocktails
Have everyone bring their favorite anti-love movie. As the hostess, you can make thematic cocktails, such Love on the Rocks:

  • 1 1/2 oz cherry vodka
  • 4 oz ginger ale
  • Splash of grenadine
  • Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a glass; garnish with a cherry.

Some movie ideas:

For the food menu, eat all those fabulous goodies you normally steer clear of on a date, like garlic fries, gooey cupcakes and messy, piled high burgers.

About the author

LJ Maggie

In 2004, LJ Maggie put everything she could fit into two suitcases and made the move from Wisconsin to Los Angeles to pursue working in the promotional side of the music industry. Once the job and a marriage to a musician ran their course, LJ found herself single in Los Angeles. While going out on many -- mostly bad -- dates, LJ started blogging about her experiences and rediscovered her love of writing.

Though she is still single, LJ enjoys meeting new people, watching movies, reading books and checking out worthwhile bands.

LJ is currently working on a fiction novel loosely based on her dating experiences as a plus-size Midwest girl in Los Angeles.