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Holiday Gift Guide for Moms of All Ages

Written by Tara Hall

Now that we’re in the midst of gift-giving season, it’s time to figure out what you’re getting all the women on your list. There are easy options (think gift cards and certificates), but putting a little thought into a present means worlds more than an easy answer that screams “afterthought.”

The women in your life are important, and your gift should reflect that. Here are some options that are thoughtful, fun and unique enough to surprise your ladies.


Bluum monthly subscription service
You’ve likely seen the Beer of the Month Club, but that’s not nearly as cool as the new trend in subscription services — boxes of goodies selected with a specific demographic in mind and shipped monthly to their door. Bluum puts the focus on the new mom, who’s so hands deep in stuff, she probably doesn’t even realize what month it is. Surprise her month after month with a sweet little box filled with 4-5 deluxe samples of baby care and beauty products from brands like StriVectin-SD, Dr. Robbins Skin Care and Baby Gourmet.

Healthy Surprise subscription service
And while we’re on the topic of subscription services, here’s another worthwhile option: a monthly box overflowing with healthy snacks. Aptly named Healthy Surprise, this worthwhile service packs up natural, gluten free and vegan eats and sends them your way each month. Subscribers can choose between four sizes based on the number of mouths they’re feeding. My latest box included cheesy kale chips from Rawvolution, a trio of Caveman Cookies, Skinny Crisps crackers and an array of dried fruit from Kopali Organics, among other treats. Tasty snacking without the guilt? That’s the ultimate gift for the mom in your life.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video
This suggestion speaks for itself. Every moment is an exciting one for a new mom, and with this handy camera, she’ll be able to capture them all with ease. Not only can she shoot photos galore, but she can also record video. In fact, the smart device comes equipped with “Movie Digest Mode,” which records a short video clip before taking each photograph and then compiles them into one cumulative video at day’s end.

BabyBjorn baby carrier
Give a new mom back something she’s been missing since her baby’s birth: free hands. If your new mom doesn’t already have a Baby Bjorn, you’ll be a savior with this simple, life-saving contraption.

Pyrex Portables baking dish with insulated carrier
Though not all moms love to cook, it’s a pretty safe assumption that she can use a Pyrex baking dish in her kitchen arsenal. Not only is this a utilitarian gift, but using it to transport a home-cooked casserole made especially for the overworked mom makes it a definite hit.


Personalized “Center for Exceptional Grandchildren” doormat from Signals
There’s not a grandmother out there who doesn’t like to brag about their grandchildren, and this silly doormat does it for them. Not only will it get house guests laughing, but it will subtly stroke grandma and grandpa’s egos.

Cane Expressions
Just because Mom’s aging and needs to use a cane to get around doesn’t mean she has to give up her sense of style. Cane Expressions allows her to decorate her cane with an array of interchangeable sleeves to match her mood. Leopard print — check. Polka dots — check. Cane Expressions offers everything from denim to shimmer, adding a touch of personality to that medical device.


Fruit infusion pitcher 
If you can’t afford a pricey spa package for Mom, consider bringing the spa to her with this healthy gift. The fruit infusion pitcher will let her recreate the luxurious, albeit simple lemon- and cucumber-infused waters spas provide, as well as lemon- or raspberry-tinged teas. This is a gift that will keep on giving.

Does the mom in your life like to settle down with a chilled glass of white wine every once in a while? If so, this inventive Corkcicle might be the way to go. Not only does it look interesting, but it serves a fabulous purpose.

Peeramid book rest in black and white floral
If Mom’s a voracious reader, here’s the perfect gift for her — this stuffed pyramid provides much needed support for reading in bed. And in this beautiful black and white floral fabric, it can double as a decorative pillow!

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