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Gift Ideas for Dad

Written by Tara Hall

Whenever it’s time to get something for your father, whether it’s his birthday, Father’s Day or even Christmas, it can be difficult to narrow down just want to splurge on for your old man. There are always the fallbacks: slippers, cigars, golf paraphernalia, a tie. After decades of use, though, those options can get pretty stale.

We’ve poured through several new ideas this year and picked out some of the latest products that might be worthy of your Dad.

  • For the consummate businessman: Personalized pop-up leather card case from Red Envelope
    Fathers who also find a way to talk shop in social settings might appreciate this thoughtful gift. Nothing says “with it” like a monogrammed leather card case that Dad pulls out of his back pocket and slyly opens while talking to a potential client. Even if your dad isn’t that wrapped around work (and if that’s the case, count your blessings!), he still might find this small token of your appreciation legitimately useful.
  • For the grillmaster: Moistly grilled smoking platform from Sur La Table
    Is your dad obsessive about his grill? Like women love candles and other goodies for the home, men bask in the glory of gifts that give them another reason to dote over the grill. This handy little basket allows Pops to get that smoky flavor of a charcoal grill on his fancy (even just to him) gas number.
  • For Mr. Forgetful: Bikn
    This awesome little gadget will keep your dad from losing his mind or his keys, phone, etc. Just attach this small electronic tab to your constantly-lost belonging–be it a set of keys, a cellphone or a teenager–and the “item” will be tracked. You can even set perimeters and an alarm will sound when they’ve been breached!
  • For the life of the party: Personalized wallet bottle opener from Red Envelope
    Does your dad host barbecues, poker parties or general get-togethers often? He is a social butterfly? If so, he might love having this uber-handy bottle opener in his wallet for quick saves. You can even personalize it with whatever moves you–whether it’s his initials or some inside joke just the two of you share.
  • For the constant gardner: One touch shower & stream nozzle from Dramm
    If your dad likes to drink his coffee every morning while he waters the lawn, this is the perfect gift. The nozzle is “one touch,” meaning all he has to do is press down on the ergonomic thumb lever, et voila! No more losing the feeling in his fingers from that archaic trigger handle.
  • For the road warrior: Go Live 2535M 5-inch Bluetooth GPS navigator from TomTom
    Sure, men think they know how to get everywhere, so perhaps you think he might roll his eyes at this and refuse to use it. I bet not when he finds out it shows traffic in high definition, has more than one million miles of maps, allows for hands-free phone calls and boasts voice recognition. This should totally tap into his “I’m a cool man” complex.

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Tara Hall

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Instead, the long and winding road has led straight to writing.

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