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Question: What’s the deal with stretch marks. How did I get them and, more importantly, how can I get rid of them?

Answer: Stretch marks are created when the fibers of the skin tear after it expands by being stretched by things like pregnancy or simple weight gain, and then contracts back into place once the weight is lost or the baby is born. I’m sorry to say it, but you can’t get rid of them entirely. There are things you can do to lessen the appearance of those unsightly stretch marks, though.

Laser technology: Some laser and cosmetic procedures can help minimize stretch marks by “wounding” the skin so it can repair itself. This process will lessen the visibility of your stretch marks, but you will always see them in some capacity.

Tanning: And by this, I don’t mean go out and lie under the punishing sun. Get thee to the pharmacy. Self tanners are a great way to help camouflage those marks. Just make sure to pick a tanner that’s a good match for your skin or you’ll end up with nothing more than orange stretch marks. And that’s just gross.

Prevention: Yes, I know. Again. But I stand by my belief in the importance of prevention as the best skincare tool. Use cocoa butter during times of pregnancy and/or extreme weight loss or gain to help the skin keep its elasticity.

Save your money: I would stay away from fancy, expensive creams because like I said, there truly is no way to permanently get rid of stretch marks. No matter how hard those glossy magazine ads try to convince you that [insert overpriced cream or salve] will magically eradicate your stretch marks, trust me: That’s just a costly fantasy.

As for Strivectin-D, jury’s still out: Full disclosure here. I’ve never personally tried Strivectin-D. I know, it’s like when you ask the waiter if a dish is good, and they look at you with a blank stare. But I will say this: I once had a colleague who worked for a company that sold Strivectin-D, and she told me it was the number one returned item they had. Draw your own conclusions.

Stay beautiful, ladies!



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