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Be the Change: The Spark

Written by Tara Hall

Albert Einstein reportedly said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I’d love to know who heard the genius say this and what exactly spurred the revelatory statement, but that’s beside the point. It’s currently serving as my “get your butt in gear” motto on a handful of fronts.

Let me explain.

In recent months, I’ve had a series of issues that left me frustrated with different aspects of myself. For example, why do I cower down and pansy out when I need to be speaking up and serving as my own advocate? (Self-confidence?) Why do I dress in crapped-out jeans, tank top and flip-flops if I really want to be treated like the professional 33-year-old that I am? (Self-image and/or self-worth?) Why am I so reclusive and how am I ever going to meet new friends, let alone my future baby daddy?(Self-esteem and social skills?)

These questions, undoubtedly intertwined, reared their heads around the same time and led to some real reflection– without question, one of my strengths. It took some time, but suddenly, in one of those lucid pre-dawn states I often have just before committing to the day by putting my foot on the floor, I had an insightful and fun thought: What if I made this my summer project? What if I figured out different ways to 1) learn about my issues, 2) confront and hurdle them and then 3) put my newfound skills and knowledge into practice? The next step of turning it into a writing project — well, that was never really a question.

And from that innocent and clear-headed thought came this series, which I’ve dubbed “Be the Change.” Because inevitably it’s up to me to face these hiccups head on and make something different happen. Rather than passively waiting for life to somehow become what I’d like it to be, I’ve decided I’m gonna put forth some effort. Novel idea, right?

Next Installment: Part I: Online dating, a.k.a. Getting over myself and getting out there.

About the author

Tara Hall

For the longest time, Texas transplant Tara Hall wanted to be a profiler when she grew up. A bona fide FBI agent with mad analytic skills who could take on crime and the jacked up minds that commit it.

Instead, the long and winding road has led straight to writing.

It all started with an obscure undergrad study spot: the usually empty upstairs of a local live music dive in Austin, TX. Psychology books in tow, Tara would grab a seat in the balcony and read her assignments between performances of local musicians, ultimately leading to an internship with Austin's Citysearch office in the late '90s.

Skip ahead a little more than a decade to present-day. Tara now spends her time interviewing musicians, researching stories and penning articles for entertainment-centered publications and websites such as Metro.pop magazine and SoundSpike.com.

Best part of the job: Researching topics I'm perplexed by and interested in.

Secretly obsessed with: Eyelash extensions. Instant femininity and loads of compliments!

Current dream vacation: An exotic beach locale with a beach bag full of new fiction. A hot man alongside wouldn't hurt either.

Theme song: Nina Simone's "Feeling Good"

Snacking on: Light rye Wasa crackers, little dollop of Dijon and thinly sliced turkey. That, or a spoonful of Nutella, my semi-healthy chocolate fix.

If trapped on a desert island: Cherry Chapstick and a fun, resourceful companion.