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    Last year, DH and his sisters went in together and got his parents a night at the Opryland Hotel in one of the nicer rooms. That's more than what your budget is, but maybe think about getting them something that they can *do*, rather than something else to have around the house. Maybe a "date night" package, if that's their taste? Gift card to their favorite restaurant, movie passes, etc?

    For my ILs this year, they have said that they want no gifts, period. Instead, they want our labor to help redo their front flower bed. If you saw their house, you'd understand why. They absolutely do not need more "stuff."
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    Well, we are getting off easy this year for the IL's...we are going to tell them about their impending grandchild in July on Christmas Eve. Don't know about real gifts.

    For my dad, I'm getting him either a nice knife/knife set or a gift card to Williams Sonoma. My step-mom is getting a membership to Costco (everytime she comes to our house she makes me take her to Costco, now she can go on her own). My step-dad is getting an electric razor. And I have no idea for my mom.
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    My ILs are hard to buy for because they have everything. We have gotten them GCs to expensive restaurants, spa packages (that they still haven't used). This year I got MIL a giftcard to Williams and Sonoma and wrapped it with some pumpkin butter and pumpkin bread mix that I bought from there. FIL is getting a GC to REI or some sports store.

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    I got my mom and MIL perfume/bath products from www.bathedandinfused.com. I also got my MIL a pair of earrings from www.silverjewelryclub.com. For my wine-loving dad, I got a pretty glass wine decanter. I got a nice set of monogrammed hand towels for my grandparents. Everyone in that group is tough to shop for because my parents and grandparents have everything already, and my MIL lives a very simplistic rural lifestyle and never really wants much.

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    Last year we got the ILs a subscription to Netflix and it was a HUGE hit. Once they figure out what it was, exactly. We did a 6 month, 2 movies at a time subscription, and put it in a gift basket with popcorn, hot chocolate and two bottles of their favorite wine. I think we're going to get them a digital photo frame this year.

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    We are thinking of a wine fridge for my ILs this year, but that is subject to debate at the moment for various reasons.

    Last year we got them separate gifts, for the first time (and we shouldn't have b/c now MIL seems to expect that and we end up spending more $). We got my MIL a combo DVD/VCR & a Kiehl's gift set and we got my FIL a really nice bottle of scotch. For their anniversary we shipped them a case of wine (unfortunately we can only ship to them by the case, or we would have shipped half a case, probably).
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