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    Default Kindermusik and other activities when moving to a new city?

    We are moving in a couple of months and will only know 1 family there (my good friends from college and their baby girl) so I am looking for things to do with DS once we get there.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried Kindermusik with their DC. DS is 9.5 months old and loves music. From what I can tell it looks like Kindermusik would be fun. If you've tried Kindermusik, did your DC love it? What did you think?

    Anyone have any suggestions for how to find activities in a new place? We are moving to Asheville, NC, and it's not a huge place - I'm having a hard time finding things online.

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    We tried Kindermusik with DS because we had just moved to a new state and I also wanted to get involved with new groups to meet people. Ds was in Kindermusik for 2 semesters. It seemed slow for him because he is really active and doesn't like to sit around and sing songs. I found the other boys in the class to be the same way running around the whole time but the girls in the classes loved the program! We switched teachers at one point and then we started to enjoy the class. However, we decided not to sign him up again because for #1 it was pretty expensive and #2 it is a little slow for him, he likes to run, he can't sit for an hour.
    Ds has also been in some other neat classes such as Art classes at the local art gallery. You can call your local art gallery or local museum and see if they offer any. Ds has also been in swimming classes for two summers and those classes were really great to meet other moms. I also recently signed him up for a sports class that is being held at a local fitness club.

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    We did Kindermusik. I really liked the program and the instructor. But there were only 3 kids in the class (one being the instructor's kid) and that I didn't love. It was good for 1 semester to get my DD used to it (she is very very shy) but now we go to Music Together and there is a full class of kids. If you decide to enroll, I would just call to make sure there is a full class (or whatever size you're looking for).

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    We recently moved and I signed up for Gymboree. I decided to do that over kindermusik because from what I understand the levels at Gymboree are seperated into smaller age groups (the kindermusik level 1 said it was for up to 18 months, while level 1 at gymbo is 0-6, then level 2 is 6-10 months, etc.). I wanted to meet some people with kids closer to my DD's age. There are about 7 babies in the class and while I don't think any of the moms will be my new best friends, it is a nice group to see every week.
    One of the best things I did when moving was to join the local MOM's club (you can find your local group at momsclub.org). The one here is pretty active, and I joined a playgroup for babies under 1. I've met some nice moms through the club and the playgroup is pretty fun. I BF, too, so I'm thinking of joining the la leche league, but I haven't had a chance to get to a meeting yet- hopefully I'll go to the November one.
    Good luck! I know it is hard when you don't really know many people!

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    We chose a less expensive program than kindermusic run by a local teacher and it was fun. We also did a iszi bitzi yoga class which I really liked and kept doing some of the stuff at home with a book. I would do some reseach into the different classes offered in the area you a moving to and think about your childs personality and preferences for activity as well as the prices and make a choice from there. Just because a program had good PR does not mean it is better, in fact you are going to be paying for that PR that makes you think it is a better program. But I do know a mom who swears by Kindermusic. She started her kid in it very young and they kept it up for several years.

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