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    Is anyone a member of this site? How do you like it?

    Its a website that keeps track of all your points from various vendors (airlines, credit cards, etc) and you can swap points between programs or use the points for something else like gift certificates (at least that is how I think it works?)

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    My husband and I just swapped a bunch of airline points for gift certificates for merchandise through Points.com. We got our gift certificates through GiftCertificates.com which then allows you to exchange for gift certificates from a wide range of stores (more stores available than on points.com). I think the turnaround for each transaction was under 48 hours. You do have to pay $10/month for an account and they do automatically bill active accounts. We paid for one month and then cancelled the account as soon as our transactions were complete. Overall, we had a good experience with them and got a new, flat-screen computer monitor for $10. Definitely worth it.

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