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    Default Cleaning a faucet? Use vinegar?

    Our kitchen faucet is the extendable, adjust to spray or stream kind. It now appears to have build-up on it where the water comes out; I assume it's from mineral deposits. Can I just soak it in white vinegar to get that stuff off? I really don't want to use a chemical to clean it. Thanks!

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    I found this on about.com

    You can easily remove the hard-water and mineral deposits that build up in a showerhead using warm vinegar in a plastic bag:

    *Pour warm vinegar into a small plastic bag.
    *Attach the filled bag to the showerhead using a rubber band.
    *Soak the showerhead for an hour.
    *Remove and discard the vinegar.
    *Remove the loosened deposits with a toothbrush.
    *Clean the spray holes in the showerhead with a toothpick.
    *Run warm water through the showerhead for several minutes.

    You can use a similar procedure for cleaning mineral deposits from a bathroom or kitchen faucet head.
    Cleaning a showerhead

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    Thank you so much, Lyndsey!

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