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Thread: IVF Anyone?

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    Default IVF Support & Friendship

    Looking for all women who are going through IVF, and want to chat and find some support here. I belonged to the group on WC, and now, well... I'm having serious issues with that site, and I'm missing having other women to chat about this whole experience.

    A little background on me.
    I have two children, a 16 year old daughter, and a 12 (almost 13) year old son.

    My husband has no children, so after a lot of thinking and planning we decided to try to have a child together. I had my tubes tied after the birth of my son, so going through IVF was the best solution right now.

    We just finished out first cycle about a month ago, and were unsuccessfull, and are now in the middle of our second.

    I hope to hear from more of you that may be going through the same thing.

    ~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~
    Some Usefull & Helpful Information - Links and such (will be added to as we find them)
    IVFer's HCG Levels
    IVF Pregnancy Due Date and Timeline Calculator
    IVFer's Pregnancy Calculator Page (includes includes embryo measurements, heartrates, and fetal weights)

    Meet the Women.... and the stats.

    alo (aloitius on WC)
    Age: 29
    DH: 32
    Married: 10/01
    TTC: 2003
    Dx: balanced translocation on chromosomes 1 and 4
    4 m/c (3 chemical pgs, and 1 loss at 10 weeks of triplets)
    Status: IVF with PGD #1 July 2005
    Status: embryos carried genetic abnormalities - Was not able to transfer

    Me: Amy, 29
    DH: Chris, 35
    Married: 6/21/03
    DX: PCOS, lack musculature along outside of tubes
    Ectopic PG: 9/04
    Status: PREGNANT
    EDD: 3/26/06

    me: angelgirl8, 28
    dh: also 28
    married: 7.6.03
    ttc: 1.04
    testing: cd3 and 7dpo blood tests fairly normal
    5.04: SA normal
    9.04: HSG-tubes clear
    9.04, 10.04, 11.04: clomid, IUI, trigger, progesterone
    12.04: gonal-f 150iu, IUI, trigger, progesterone
    3.04: IVF#1 (all but 1 of the 22 fertilized eggs multinucleated and fragmented; transferred 1 4-celled embryo on day 3)
    5.04: IVF#2; added metformin: (18 retrieved, 13 fertilized, 4 low quality embryos survived and transferred on day 3)
    6.02.05: Pregnant with TWINS!
    EDD - 2/8/06

    Me: Astro age 38
    DH: DH age 35
    TTC since Sept 03
    Laporoscopy June 04
    Polypectomy October 04
    Diagnosed: unexplained infertility with a touch of endo and fibroids.
    Clomid/IUIs/Progesterone since July 04
    [B] Pregnant with Twins
    Status; Miscarried at 16 weeks.

    Me: Ann (39)
    DH: Michael (41)
    Married: 16 March 2003
    DX: Unexplained IF
    IVF#1: Jan 05, unsuccessful
    IVF#2: May 05, PREGNANT
    BFP: June 14, 2005
    EDD: February 17, 2006

    Me: Kate (43)
    DH: Aron (35)
    TTC since Aug 04
    Diagnosis: none really - my fertility problem is old age!
    1 unsuccessful IUI
    1 whacked out injectible cycle that was supposed to be an IUI
    IVF #1 - Sept, 05, Failed.
    Status: Will wait for new cycle to try again.

    Me: Nikki, 27 (7/17/78)
    DH: Tim, 35 (11/2/69)
    Married: 6/08/02
    Diagnosis: Male factor
    Status: Just starting out

    Me: Lisa (37)
    DH: Ken (41)
    Married: April 26th, 2003
    DX: Have tubes tied, and had tubal pregnancy which took a tube.
    IVF#1: Failed,6/5/05 - We have 10 frozen embries, so we move
    onto a FET cycle next.
    IVF#2 -FET, 7/25/05 - Failed 8/3/05
    Currently taking a break. May try another FET in the New Year.

    me: 34
    DH: 33
    married: 9/02
    Dx: male factor
    IVF #1 June/July - Chemical Pregnancy
    IVF #2: September/October 2005

    me: 34
    DX: Severe tubal adhesions/blockage during 10/04 HSG
    Tubes cauterized 11/04
    IVF #1 1/05 BFN
    IVF #2 3/05 BFN
    IVF #3 Transfer 8/15/05
    Status - Failed

    Kat (FKA MIPG?)
    Age: 36
    DH: 40
    Married: 9/02
    TTC: 12/03
    Dx: unexplained (HSG, SA, bloodwork all fine)
    10/04: miscarried at about 6 weeks
    11/04 - 3/05: four rounds of Clomid + trigger (and timed BD) -- all BFN
    IVF #1: June '05 (transferred two 8-cell, grade 1 embies)
    Status: beta was 6/23
    EDD: 3/2/06 - Boy / Girl Twins!

    Me: Lois (31)
    DH: Kevin (36)
    Married: May 11, 2002
    TTC: July 2003
    BFP: October 25, 2004 (officially)
    EDD: July 1, 2005
    IF Info: Bilateral distally blocked Tubes, IVF#1 Transferred two 8-cell Grade A embryos Successful!! Pg with twins - one lost at 8wks.
    ADD: 6/16/05 - Matthew Michael George
    TTC #2 with IVF - some time in 2006

    Me: 31
    DH: 36
    male factor
    Dec 04 IVF #1- OHSS/ chem. preg
    IVF #2 - FET June 1
    Status: 8/19/05 DH had varicocele repair surgery, hoping for another
    round in 3-6 months

    Ladybug777 (formerly Scorpiobride on WC)
    Me: Jazmine (26)
    Dh: Taft (29)
    Married: 6/15/02
    TTC: 3/03
    DX: Bilateral removal of tubes (8/05); initially dx w/ left hydro but lap showed both tubes dilated; mild male factor
    11/04: IUI #1 w/ Clomid- BFN
    2/05 & 3/05 : IUI #2 & #3 w/ injectibles- BFN
    Moving on to IVF

    mrselle ~
    Me: Jo (30 on 7/14)
    DH: Ed (35)
    TTC: February 2003
    1/2004 - HSG all clear
    5/2004 - Pregnant!!!
    6/2004 - Miscarriage at 7w5d
    1/2005 - Clomid round 1 (P4 = 22.1 at 2PDO); BFN
    2/2005 - Clomid round 2 (P4 = 56.3 at 5DPO); BFN
    3/2005 - Clomid round 3 (P4 = 54.7 at 5DPO); BFN
    4/2005 - DH SA excellent
    6/2005 - First visit with RE
    6/2005 - Office Hysteroscopy; Everything looks good
    DX - Unexplained
    IVF# 1 - Aug. 2005
    Status - Had severe OHSS, had to cancel cycle, will do FET in a couple months

    FET - August
    Status: 9/2/05 - PREGNANT!

    Me: 29
    m/c 8/02 at 5.5 weeks
    TTC: 4/03
    Unexplained Infertility, possible immune issues
    3 cycles of clomid & progesterone
    2 cycles of clomid + IUI
    1 cycle of letrozole + IUI
    using accupuncture & on Folgard & baby aspirin
    status: on 2nd cycle of letrozole + IUI
    next cycle: Bravelle + IUI, and then moving to IVF
    Status:8/19/05 - Pregnant

    Ann - 33
    DH - 41
    DS - Kyle - 8 1/2 months -IVF success story!
    male factor infertility
    Status:TTC #2 with IVF August/September
    Status: Beginning Stims mid Sept

    Me: Sue (28)
    DH: Jeff (31)
    TTC: October 2002
    10/02: 1st Lap-Found ovarian cysts and endo
    4/04: Started Progesterone supplements and 25 mg clomid
    8/04 - 11/04: Clomid and IUI's
    01/05: Surgery to remove mass on left ovary. Turned out to be endo which caused my left ovary/fallopian tube to adhere to my uterus
    02/05-04/05: Two additional clomid cycles with failed IUIs
    06/05: Pregnant on an unmedicated cycle and miscarried
    8/05 IVF #1 - 8/25 Beginning Stims
    9/05 - ER/ET week of Septmber 12th

    ~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~

    Please email your stats to me, and I will update you. Islandgirlsj's email
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    I was hoping an IVF group would start up. I was too shy to start one on my own. A little background on us:

    DH and I have been TTC for 2 1/2 years now. We were able to get pregnant on our own after 14 months of trying, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 7w5d. Its been a year since my miscarriage and we still have not been able to get pregnant. We tried 3 cycles of clomid earlier this year and while my progesterone levels were great, none of those cycles were successful. This month I started seeing an RE and have made more progress in four weeks than we have made in 2 1/2 years. I had an office hysteroscopy two weeks ago and fortunately everything looks normal. So, given the amount of time we have been TTC my RE suggest that we move on to injectables or IVF. Our insurance covers IVF at 80%, so DH and I are leaning towards IVF. Unless AF doesn't show (and I'm pretty sure she wil ) I think we will begin the process late July/early August.

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    I've been wondering if that group was going to move over here, too. Did LA_Bride mention moving it? I haven't seen her over here yet.

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    mrselle ~

    Sounds like you have already been through a lot to get to the IVF stage.

    I have to say that it is even more work here! Ha. But I guess if it pays off, and I'm praying that it will, all of this will be worth it.

    I'm doing a frozen cycle this time around, and have heard that many women get pregnant at this stage instead of the first. So I'm just going to go with that theory, and hope for the best!

    Welcome to the group!!

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    Scooter ~
    I have not heard from LA bride, although I was going to make a post over there about this thread starting.
    I'm way to frustrated to stay over there any longer, I absolutely hate the new format.

    Glad you found this thread!!

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    Islandgirl-thanks! I've been lurking in the thread for months, but wasn't sure if I should join yet. We've still got the rest of this cycle and then 1 cycle of injectibles before starting IVF. But really, if I haven't gotten pg in the last 27 months, I'm not feeling very positive about the next two working out! I'm starting to really look forward to IVF, and am hoping the thread starts up here so I can learn more specifics!

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    Is that you chained??

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    ok... i finally found you guys... is this going to be the official new group thread? if so, here are my stats

    me: amy (35)
    dh: dan (33)
    TTC since: March 2003
    Treatments: 6 failed rounds of Clomid. 1 successful IVF producing Avery Elizabeth born still on June 3, 2005 at 27 weeks from possible cord accident (we love you, baby girl!) along with 3 frozen blasts.
    Status: July 25th - Meet with RE to discuss next steps. Possible fresh cycle in Sept/Oct. Meeting with Perinatologist to review Avery's case. Undergoing b/w for a variety of clotting disorders. Meeting with Cardiologist to change arythmia med. and praying for a brother or sister for Avery

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    Yeah, we can start a group over here. DH will make less fun of me than he does because I still go to the WC three years after our wedding.

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    New York City


    hi all!

    chained...thanks for starting this thread. we should see if coreen wants to move all the thread beginning stuff over here?

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