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    Default Well, I went to the Dr. today and told him my recent drama

    He upped my Zoloft to 100mg, and has put me on Klonopin as well. he gave me the number to a therapist also.
    he talked to me and my husband about how i REALLY need to have time to myself. He told us that I need to go out alone AT LEAST once a week and do my own thing. he told me that even if i dont feel like going out i need to. He urged me to continue with my hobbies and to maybe join a gym in order to help destress.

    He told me that though my past is definitely having some effect on me, its the life i am living now, the situation i am in that is causing my anxiety and stress adding to that my past drama well, he says I'm actually holding up pretty well.

    He also had me take a pg test to make sure and it was neg. so i think I must have some sort of stomach bug. funny thing is my period isnt due til the 5th, i went to the dr at 9:30 this morning...I just got my period half an hour ago.

    on a wonderfully great note, my inlaws came over today and put the title of the house in our name.. our house is officially OURS, on paper!!!!!

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    I'm so glad to hear there's progress - it takes a lot of courage to seek help! Congrats on the house.
    "If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much." ~ Jackie O.

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