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    Default Suede fabric headboards...alternatives to PB?

    Anyone have a style like this? We are searching for something like this style from Pottery Barn, although they charge $399 for the headboard alone. Does it really cost an extra $299 for the suede cover? Cause $700 seems like a lot of money to spend on a suede headboard...can anyone point me in the direction of a cheaper version for a similar appearance?


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    That looks like an easy to make headboard. If you sew it could be almost identicle. If you don't sew, you could still make it very similiar with a staple gun.
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    Thanks, Jenny! Sadly, I have a horrible sewing 'green thumb'.

    But lookie here...I just did a search and found this on Target's site. It's hard to tell exactly what you're getting from the picture...but maybe this is what I'm looking for? And look at the price! This seems to be the total price for the headboard and suede cover? Much better deal. (Quality may not be that great...which is ok...we're just looking for something for the next two years anyway!) What do you all think of this option???

    Urban Suede Headboard Oatmeal - King
    sale $242.99

    Hand sewn and upholstered headboard, with a clean, urban chic look, fabric is faux suede micro suede, 100% polyester
    Two legs are easily attached to most standard bed frames and are adjustable to mattress height
    Hardware and instructions included
    Wood frame and polyfoam padding construction

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    Check out ballarddesigns.com. They have several upholstered headboard styles, and you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics (including brown and camel velvets and twills that look similar to the PB suede). The king size generally run around $450 for the whole headboard -- not as cheap as Target, but good quality and quite a bit less than PB.

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    I made this one with no sewing at all! The pic is bad and I wish I made it taller in retrospect but it was very very easy.

    We went to home depot and bought a piece of plywood. They will cut it to size for you which is good because we didn't have the tools for that.

    I picked out the fabric I wanted, washed and ironed it.
    I bought a piece of thick foam and cut a bit larger than my plywood.
    Then with a laid it on the wood and and pulled the edges around to the back so that we had fluffy edges, used a staple gun to attach the foam to the plywood on the back where it wrapped around. Then I did the same thing with the fabric ontop of the foam.

    We hung it on the wall with brackets so that it was flush to the wall. If you've ever seen a large picture frame that has the hole for the nail hollowed out....that's what we did.

    I think it would have been nice to make the whole thing go to the floor instead. Might have been easier to secure on the wall too, since then it would be resting on the floor. But that all depends on how much money you want to spend on fabric.

    If you are trying to match your bedding you could always buy and extra sheet, duvet cover or even a comforter and use that as your fabric.
    Good luck!

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