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    Default Disneyland/Southern CA

    Sorry - busy night and morning - school ice cream social, and swimming lessons and a make up gymnastics class today!

    In an ideal world, I think DH and I (and DD1) would prefer SF, which is much less a driving city. But in thinking of the younger girls, I thought Disney then figured it was too far to SF so was thinking LA would be closer/easier, though not ideal driving wise. I was just trying to put too much together and getting overly ambitious. By talking points and argument, I just meant pinning him down and arguing that we need to plan something NOW if we're going to do it or we'll be stuck with a local vacation again and my girls are getting old enough to go further afield! I'm not going to force him to do anything he doesn't want to do. I don't care where we go I just want to go to one of the Disneys so we can "get it over with" and move on to other things now that the girls are older. Plus, he knows that we can't ALWAYS go on a non-driving vacation.

    But he's a CPA and tough to pin down these days. We really should know better by now that we need to plan summer before tax season because we fall into a black hole then and barely talk! I'm just trying to get a proposal in front of him, lol. OTOH when we went to Disney(world) last time, we planned it in March for May and that was actually ideal - less time for me to stress over and rearrange plans! DH actually suggested that but the timing won't work because of some of our nephews' milestone events.

    I had totally forgotten that there's a Legoland in Florida (and I just checked - only an hour away from Disney basically).

    In the past, we've said we'd go to Disney (FL) once more then do other trips, that our next family vacation after that would be San Diego. And then for some reason we thought of SF. So many options, so little time!
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    I didn't mean to imply you'd force your husband to do something - sorry if it came out that way!

    I also think FL makes more sense for you. But FWIW, you could easily do a whole vacation around the Disneyland/Orange County area if you wanted to just do that. Some nearby attractions to Disneyland: Knotts Berry Farm amusement park, Medieval Times, Great Wolf Lodge, Discovery Cube OC, beaches, Bowers Art Museum, Nixon Library (I love presidential libraries!).

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