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    These are great ideas, thanks. If it were summer I'd be worried about keeping the water cold, but I won't be for this week.

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    A friend swears by the Nike water bottles. You can find them on Amazon, but Kohls has them for cheap. I've seen them at TJMaxx, too.

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    Look into Safe Sporter water bottles by Kid Basix. They meet all those criteria you listed. You can find them on Amazon. They're my go-to water bottle for my kids.

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    We also use a Contigo bottle, but the one my daughter has is from Amazon and it has a "clip" type loop that can be clipped to a backpack or strap without taking the lid off. It also has a lock to keep it from popping open inside a bag or backpack.


    My daughter also has about 6 little random items clipped to it (backpack clip stuffies, a watch, her Disneyland keychain, a tupperware bowl keychain with thinking putty in it...it's crazy!)

    They sell these in plastic at Costco 3 for $14, they also have the clip. I use a plastic one with a Troll no-show sock pulled over it to keep it from "sweating".

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