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    My kids don't raid fridges as far as I am aware, except our own.

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    Yeah, I'd nip that in the bud right away.

    When we have playdates at our house, I always give the kids a few options upfront like popcorn, fruit, pretzels and usually a treat like cookies. My kids don't go on a whole bunch of play dates at other people's houses but I don't think they would raid fridges..... at least I hope not. DS had one recently and he came home STARVING. I asked if he had a snack at the house and he said he wasn't offered one and even though he was hungry, he was too embarrassed to ask for something.

    At home, they are allowed to eat fruit and veggies for snacks without asking but anything else, they need to ask first.
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    Nope, no raiding here. My kids have to ask before they take food and no friends have ever done it.
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    My kids know what they can have for snacks and are allowed to get them when hungry. When they have friends over, they will offer those choices. I would go apeshit on them if I found out they were opening the fridge or cabinets at someone else's house, though. Even family! Not okay.

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    One of my pet peeves! Many kids feel they can just help themselves - it really surprises me. We had one friend come and ate almost an entire bag of those small bags of chips I get for packing lunches - not cool at all- I don't even let my family snack on those- they convenience for packing lunches! Anyway I do tell kids up front that they can't just go into our pantry. Part of our problem is that the door is generally left open. I have been trying to make sure it's closed more though!

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