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    I put my corned beef and potatoes in the crockpot yesterday but with everything going on, I got it started late. It wasn't cooking fast enough so I pulled out the IP, transferred it and cooked it for 45 min with NPR for 15. I took it out and then put the cabbage in for 6 mins QR. The beef was good but I overcooked the rest of it. Still fine and tasty but I wish I'd just done it all in the IP to begin with. I debated it but wasn't sure I'd be home to start it in time. I think I might be moving away from my crock pot. I think the IP holds in flavor better than the crock pot does.

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    We are having a semi-cool morning despite quite the stretch of heat for our area. I have soup on the mind. I would love recipes if you've discovered easy/tasty IP soups or stews. This busy mom will need some fast options come fall.

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    I don't have a pressure cooker, but this website looks good: https://www.pressurecookrecipes.com

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