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    Default Short tenure on resume

    I'm sure most of you know that my current position is not at all what was promised/expected. I was recently contacted by a recruiter about a few positions that are more in line with what I want/need. I'm struggling with how to address my short tenure here in Vegas.

    I'm still here. I hate the job, love living on this side of the country. These opportunities popped up just as I was ready to quit. I thought a short tenure while still employed would look better than not working in the field?

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    Well, if you apply now - it says XX through present, right? I think it's good you can go through recruiter and explain - you love the field - job is not as it was presented to be. I also think it helps that you don't NEED the job, so you can be very upfront that it did not work for your lifestyle / family - and those are primary considerations in taking a new job.

    Even if you quit - you have good explanations. And for now, part of the explanation is that something better for you came along.

    Good luck! I've been loving the travel pics on FB - was wondering what you had decided.
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    I agree with Robyn. Also, as someone who hires regularly, short tenures are not a red flag, especially given your explanation (I feel what you were sold and reality do not match).

    Now, years of short tenures and I would start digging but one short tenure is not a biggie n

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    I agree with the above posters. I do hiring for my job and I'm not very nice about it. I would prefer to see your reasons addressed as professionally as possible in a cover letter though. If no CL because of a recruiter referral, I would expect you to be prepared to address it. Although if they are local to your current place, they might be aware of their less than stellar practices.
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