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    diam, that is A LOT of railing! Wow. Nice job!

    We just had a consult for refacing our kitchen cabinets, adding a pantry cabinet and an island, and some other random additions. Let's just say I still haven't picked up my jaw off the floor. I didn't really know what to expect, but wow. Needless to say, we're going to sleep on it.

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    So, I think we are going ahead with our kitchen project. The kitchen designer is coming back tomorrow at 11am to finalize. I have some organizational questions for those of you who have new kitchens (ours is circa 1973 with only cosmetic updates). Can anyone give me some input? I am getting more storage than I have ever had and I am not sure how this will all fall out in the end.

    What do you put in your island (or peninsula) drawers and cabinets? Do you have any pull outs in the island?

    If you have a pantry, what do you put in it? Do you have any pull outs in the cabinet?

    Where is your garbage located?

    Do you have any pull outs in any other cabinets? If so, what's in those cabinets?

    Is there any update you wish that you had?

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    We have a pullout pantry which I do not like because the entire pantry pulls out versus individual shelves. We plan to update this in the next 5 years so we will switch to a pantry with pull out drawers. We keep all of our dry food items in our pantry.

    We do not have space for an island. We do have a pullout garbage and recycle bin which is right next to our range. I also have pull out shelves for my pots and pans cabinet.

    I wish I had opted for a cookie and flat pan cabinet with the built in divider over our fridge. I also wish I had the built in sliding utensil drawer organizer to max the space in there along with a built in knife holder thingamabob. I wish I had skipped open shelving.

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    We have a pull out garbage/recycling near the sink (and dishwasher). To me, that's the ideal spot. I like it there.

    I keep my pots and pans on one side of my island because it's one of my biggest cabinets and it has the pull out shelf which makes it easier to find things. I keep my small appliances on the other other side (again, just because it's one of the biggest cabinets)- has room for my blender, Crock pots, waffle iron, etc and I love having them there. I have an outlet on that side of the island so I can take them
    Out and plug them right in.

    Definitely make room for a utensil drawer to keep them tucked away too. I like having mine right near the stove.

    I wish I had a skinny cabinet with dividers for cookie sheets. I had one in my old kitchen and loved it! 0
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    Yay, Leslie! How exciting!!!!

    What do you put in your island (or peninsula) drawers and cabinets? Do you have any pull outs in the island? Our island consists of a sink cabinet, so all the under-sink stuff goes in it. Then we have a dishwasher, and a pull-out garbage and recycling drawer. Oh, and a cookie sheet cabinet, which I also put cutting boards in.

    If you have a pantry, what do you put in it? Do you have any pull outs in the cabinet? Our pantry isn't a cabinet; it's behind a regular door, so I can't help there. But all our food and all kinds of extra kitchen things are in there.

    Where is your garbage located? In the island. I would definitely do pull-out garbage and recycling bins beneath the area where you do most of your food prep.

    Do you have any pull outs in any other cabinets? If so, what's in those cabinets? I don't think this is exactly what you mean, but I do have a cabinet that has three large drawers. The top is my vast assortment of kitchen utensils, the middle holds my pots and pans, and in the bottom is my pyrex (the 9x13 pans and the smaller food storage ones).

    I also have a cabinet that has two pull-out shelves inside. That's where I keep all my mixing bowls, collanders, plastic storage containers, the kids' lunch stuff, etc.

    Is there any update you wish that you had? I really do wish I had some sort of hidden counter top coffee/toaster area. I'm actually supposed to be working on something right now for work, and one of the kitchen designs I'm featuring has a super cool full-height roll up you can see here to the left of the fridge. Scroll through the pics to see it closed and open.
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    Our island is one big cabinet, with two doors. The bottom shelves pull out, but I wish I had done pull out shelves on the top too. In it I keep casserole dishes, cookie sheets, cake pans, bread pans and other random pots and pans that I don't use often (like my wok and stock pot). The two drawers are basic junk drawers. One contains kitchen appliance user guides and device chargers (we have an outlet on the side of the island, so our devices get charged there a lot). The other has pens/pencils/paper, stamps, paper clips, other random stuff.

    Our trash and recycling center is a lazy susan in a corner cabinet by the sink. I hate corner cabinets, so, to me, this was a great use of the corner.

    Our pantry cabinet has a pull-out section that opens like a second door. Kind of like this: http://www.kraftmaid.com/multi-storage-pantry/, but ours is only a single door. I like it because nothing is ever too deep.

    I have one base cabinet that is all drawers, next to the stove. The top drawer holds my hot pot holders and mitts, the next two my kitchen towels, and the bottom one I use as my dark cellar, aka where I keep my potatoes.

    All other base cabinets have doors. One has stationary shelves - I keep all of my daily use pots and pans there and my crock pot. The other has pull-out shelves - this one has my platters and mixing and serving bowls.

    I have a tall deep cabinet to the side of the refrigerator that I store my kitchen appliances in. And another one that acts as a closet for my broom and vaccuum. I wish I had an outlet in there so I could store a cordless sweeper in there.

    We completely gutted our kitchen in 2005. I picked out and designed the cabinet layout myself. I don't think there's anything I would change about the layout and cabinet types. I recently took a bunch of pictures of my kitchen because I am ready for a cosmetic refresh of it and have been meaning to post them to get ideas. If you would like to see them to get an idea of my cabinets types, let me know.

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    I would kill to have electricity installed in my island.
    Otherwise, I use it the same as everyone else. Pots and pans. Top shelf pulls out. I wish both did. I wish I had a better organization for pot lids but I haven't come up with a feasible way to do it with my space yet.
    I keep cookie sheets and the like in the drawer under the stove
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    Leslie that is so exciting! I am not sure how helpful it will be to read what everyone has in their drawers. I would sit down and write out everything YOU want or need to store in your kitchen and go from there.

    I will say that the main things I love about my kitchen are:
    - room for all my electronics put away (only the toaster and coffee maker sit out)
    - pull out trash with separate recycling bin
    - pull-out drawer in my peninsula for my heavy stand mixer
    - deep drawers beneath my stove for pots and pans
    - narrow cabinets on each side of stove, one for spices and one for cutting boards and cookie sheets

    We do not have enough room for all our snacks and dry goods in our kitchen pantry, so we have one separate cabinet in the kitchen (in the buffet) for all baking related dry goods. We also keep extra (and bulk) non-perishable food in a walk-in storage closet off our laundry.

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    Leslie, I give a lot of thought to kitchen design as I'm in there a lot and I need it to be functional or else I'll go insane. I didn't get to design this kitchen but I did organize it (still have 2 projects to do, ugh.) I would really think about your needs and workflow. What do you tend to accumulate? Is your "stuff" likely to be a fixed collection or do you tend to change as the kids get older and your family needs change? Who spends the most time in teh kitchen? Do you entertain? Do your kids cook and clean in there? Reorganizing the kitchen and trying to puzzle it back together is frustrating so I concentrated on versatility. I knew that our family couldn't keep up with strict organization so I put things in broad categories in hope that people could put things away and get them out with minimal frustation. Overall, my kitchen is working well for me with the budget and space constraints I had.

    Measure the appliances and other supplies that you use often. I'm a huge fan of drawers. We had a large cabinet for the pantry but it was super deep. I did add two pull out drawers for that because that's all we could afford. Our last house had a pantry in the breakfast area. I prefer the location at this house, which is in the kitchen. Trash at this house is just kept beside the kitchen. Ugly, but functional. In our last house, we had a small closet where we kept the trash and cleaning supplies. I'm not a fan of the undercabinet trash for myself. Never had an island.
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    Default More House Renos

    Our island is a large cabinet. There is an outlet within it near the appliance lift (which I hate using. Then there is a shelf where we can put tall things in front and short things in the back. Then there are drawers for potatoes and onions.

    Our stove has pull out shelfs for pots and pans. I love those. Next to it is a cupboard for tall skinny things which is also fantastic.

    I don't love pullouts in general. It is just one more thing to break!
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