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Thread: Girl Scouts

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    alegna That's cool! Are you doing a centrally located community garden or doing it right at your house?

    So last night we had our committee meeting and our prior committee chair attended. He is now District Chair. He was telling us that the Boy Scouts of America is considering combining girls into the Cub Scouting program. The Boy Scouts already have Venturing, which includes girls ages 14-19 but there is currently desire to include younger girls as well. I'm not quite sure the logistics other than there would be a separate girl program that would parallel the boys at the elemtary ages and then combine them around 10 yrs old or so. I'm quite intrigued and interested to see how it turns out. Logistically it makes my head explode because there has to be 2 deep leadership, so there would need to be 2 male leaders for the boys and 2 female leaders for the girls once they reach 6th grade.
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    We're going to do it at my house. We have 6 acres and a lot of unused space. And when the girls aren't able to come work on it, I'll just half to walk out back and do it myself. There were some available plots in the town community gardens, but I just feel like I wouldn't be motivated to drive into town and meet people. Or work it by myself.

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