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    Thanks guys! I'm finally feeling almost normal. I did a Tae Bo video yesterday almost at 100% and felt ok. Did the pilates/yoga video again last night.

    PT: I looked through a bunch of their videos, and they do look great! I'll definitely do some. Some of them are 1.5 hours long!!!! I guess they are a combo of HIIT, abs, strength, etc. I want to try one! I'm not sure when I'll ever have a 1.5 hour chunk of time to do it, but if I do, I'm trying it.

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    That's great taffers!

    I can't imagine doing a 1.5 hour video! We could do it together over FaceTime LOL!

    You can search Fitness Blender by time, difficulty, focus etc... I paid $6.99 for a 4 week core/ab program - it's their free videos but they are ordered in such a way to build core strength steadily. They alternate cardio and abs for 5 days and then 2 days off. It was 25-30 minutes per day. I really liked it and might buy another one of their programs.

    One of my students got me hooked on FitnessBlender. She is from Hawaii and cried the first time the temperature dropped below 40 degrees - she said she couldn't run in the cold but started doing Fitness Blender workouts to keep her sanity

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    Ok, now I'm obsessed with FB! I keep previewing their videos, and I love that there are SO many options! And that the couple is not annoying- I find a lot of the exercise people annoying. I am so going to start doing these videos everyday!

    Oh my gosh, seriously, can you imagine doing a 1.5 hour video?! I used to go to the gym for 1.5-2 hours (before kids!), but that included running for 55 minutes, walking around in between weight machines, sitting there in between sets, etc. I'm thinking maybe if DH takes the kids to his parents' house one weekend, I might be able to try it but who knows when that will happen!

    Not to mention, I don't even think I have the attention span for that anymore. I know I'd end up turning it off half way through to clean the house or do laundry or run an errand.

    Thanks again for the recommendation!

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