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Thread: Let's Talk Oils

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    I haven't really kept up with the oil stuff as I didn't really see a difference with the ones I tried. But, my Mom has recently gotten into it through a friend at work and she sent us This Diffuser and a few oils (bedtime one for DD and a headache one for me) and DD LOVES it. She immediately put it in her room and wanted me to use the oil for bedtime and said it smelled really good. I only run the mist/scent for an hour but she likes the lights on all night. It seems to work really well and the scent isn't too strong, and it doesn't leave a wet area around it like other cool mist humidifiers I've had.

    Tonight I used the White Flower oil that we use when we get head colds instead since she is getting sick. It worked great, I would really feel the peppermint/menthol/etc. in my sinuses. Maybe I'll need to get a second one for the main house because I"m pretty sure DD won't let me take that one out of her room.
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    Just a reminder to make sure you trust the source for your oils.


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