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    Does anyone belong to Orange Theory? I have about 80lbs to go for my total of 100lbs. Already lost 20lbs. I was thinking about joining. The success stories are amazing and it looks like a great workout.

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    Beth, OTF is very big down here (I'm in Tampa)...one of the company founders is local and is in class working out all the time. I love it and so do lots of my friends. It's *very* challenging, like an intense bootcamp, but I like that you are still doing what you can personally do and not really worried about what others are doing. The heart rate monitors are a nice motivator, and I like to see exactly how many calories I am burning.

    I have been going about 3 times a week for almost a year. I also do barre, and some outdoor running, so I can't quantify exactly which results are from which activity. I feel like my physical conditioning is hugely improved both wrt cardio and strength. I have maybe lost 5-10 pounds since I started, but have gained A LOT of muscle, so I think that number is deceiving. I started when my daughter was 8 months old, so I had a lot of baby flab and general out of shapeness to deal with. If you want to use it for big time weight loss you absolutely can. A woman at my location lost 100+ pounds (and just completed her first marathon!); she comes about 5 times a week I think.

    I've never been a huge traditional gym goer. I like things like spin and yoga and running outside when the weather is good. But I REALLY enjoy Orange Theory. The staff is friendly and knows everyone by name, and I look forward to my workouts there. It's a nice crowd, good mix of ages, body shapes, etc. I usually go right after dropping off my kids and before starting my work day and the classes are decently full, but my neighbor goes at 5 a.m. (I know!) and she says those classes are packed and fun as well.

    It's more expensive than a traditional gym, but you pay by the class and they have a lot of different payment structures. I actually think that for me, the cost is pretty motivating. I started out buying 20 classes (I think they give you a year to use them) and when I knew I liked it I switched to a monthly membership where I get a certain number of classes per month. I think I do 10 or 12 per month.

    Good luck! I hope you try it and like it.
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    I'm going to try the free class. There is also another local place like Orange Theory but for women only. I think I'll try both and decide from there!

    Orange is appealing because of the 5am class...I have to be home by 6:30am and after work is not an option because I have to pick up the kids.

    I need a place where I can have an early morning class!

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    Hi Beth! Orange Theory sounds interesting. I looked on the main website an I only see one in Willow Grove. Are there others in the area? It sounds like something I would like to try, but I know I will not make the hike to Willow Grove several times a week. I think that is ~45 min from me, more with traffic. I definitely need something more like 20min or less! Montgomeryville would work.
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