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    Default Coats??

    So DS is almost a year old and it just got cold here and I realize I don't have a coat for him. I bought several last year in 0-3 size and he never wore them. Now I have none and he needs one.

    Ideally, I could find something that I can keep on him when I put him in the car seat, so nothing too bulky. Do I just get a fleece? Is there something better?

    He doesn't really spend that much time outside except for to and from the car but he needs something at daycare if they take him out and I'm sure there will be other times when we're outside a little longer than a minute or two.
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    We have a couple of those 3-in-1 deals, where the fleece zips out for the bulky outer layer. Fleece goes on and is safe for the car seat, top layer goes on when we arrive at our destination. I think DS's is from children's place and DD's is from ON.
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    When we are in a cold climate, we usually do a coat on top of the car seat straps and a blanket over (I leave blankets in both of our cars), then put the coat on when we arrive. The fleece / 3 in 1 in a good idea too. Since we live in CA, I don't "invest" in a winter coat so I get a cheap one from old navy bc we only use it 5 days a year.

    I ordered this jacket for DD from the gap bc the reviews said you could use it in a carseat but it's very warm:

    It is very thin so it could be an option if they have a boy version. After crying about how puffy the old navy one is and refusing to try it on, she rejected this thin one in favor of the ON one. Kid makes no sense. But anyway I won't be testing this one in the car.
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    We live in a pretty cold climate. I generally start the car before I take the kids out. Or - I put their witner coat on backwards and slide them out of it while I buckle them and then put it back overtop.

    I would go for a nice fleece he can wear IN the carseat. And for daycare a 1 piece snowsuit. I found my DD's (at 1 and 1.5 respectively for their first winter in daycare) spent a lot of time crawling/laying in the snow. That way there was no gaps.

    If you think you will need it - an extra winter coat as well for things like walking from the car to the grocery store/going out to dinner etc. if it is something you do frequently.

    Honestly I never spent a lot of $$ on each piece of DD's winter wardrobe (WalMart/Old Navy). If it was REALLY cold (we get 1-2 weeks where it is below 0F) then I just add extra layers underneath or a blanket in/to the car.
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    I SWEAR by the Car Seat Poncho. I just got DS's in the mail. Both of my girls had/have them, and I wouldn't do it any other way. DD2 is 3.5 and still likes to wear hers now that it's getting cold.

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    LO is almost 15m. Last year we just used those fleece showercap over the infant seat. This year I am getting him a car poncho for between car/inside (mostly just for daycare, and for groceries, or other people's house). We live somewhere where it can get -30F. Will also get him a snowsuit because they play outside in the snow if it's not too cold.

    I found the car poncho on etsy - she can add a 3rd layer of quit batting for extra warmth. I haven't received it yet as she's making it right now, so I can't say how good it works yet! But we've had a couple of cold days here already (30F) and I wish I've had it already!.

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