I know there is a thread for iPhone apps, but tablets are a whole different thing (and were not around when the iPhone thread was started) so I thought I'd start one.

Right now the Free app of the Week on the iTunes app store is The Human Body which is a great app for teaching kids about our internal systems in an accurate but not gross way. DD loves to look around at it. It even has a feature that your kids can record a question as they are looking around and you can check it later and record an answer. Might be handy for questions they might not want to ask to your face, especially if you buy the add-on reproductive/genitalia pack. It was $4.99 when I bought it a while ago so free is a great price. I think today might be the last day for it (I just noticed it) so grab it while you can.

Another game DD has been playing a lot lately is Pocket Fishdom and DragonStory. She likes the breeding/collecting aspect of it and even used some of her birthday money to get some extra coins/gold on the dragon one (through me of course).