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    Oh , I agree. The first episode was somewhat tame except for the graphic lung. blech. It is going/has to deal with story lines that are well above her head. She won't understand it.

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    Has anyone watched The OA on Netflix? We are 4 episodes in and like it. It's got a Lost, Stranger Things vibe.

    I for got to thank you for the show suggestions above. I will check them out.

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    For the kids, My DD LOVED Troll Hunters on Netflix. It's produced by Guillermo DelToro so it has above average writing and animation. The trolls are very visually interesting and it's got a good story line. I even sat down and watched several episodes with her one afternoon. I think it has appeal to both girls and boys with enough action and troll hunting for the boys and some early high school romance and friendship messages for the girls (if they are into that sort of thing). Kind of has a "How to Train Your Dragon" feel, only with WAY better animation and writing.
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    For my True Crime friends, has anyone listed to the S-Town podcasts? It's from the same people as Serial. I am anxious to get started.

    Also, there is the Casey Anthony story on Investigation Discovery starting in April.
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    I just started it during my commute this morning. Don't know what to think yet. Unless the editing is really wonky, his stream-of-consciousness ranting reminds me of some mentally ill people I've seen in the ER!

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