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    Thanks everyone for your comments. We've been doing the same as all of you, it's nice to know we are not alone.

    Part of the frustration was that DD1 would start whining and tell on her sister when she would get hit. I don't blame DD1 for reacting that way, but we took this as a teachable moment to reenforce the concept of advocating for herself. So now, when DD2 hits her, we told her to take her hands, look her in the eyes, and say firmly, "you do not hit me." DD1 is 5-years older than DD2, so we feel she has some (for lack of a better word) authority. I think this is a better approach than the other advice I was getting which was the old tell her to hit her back routine.

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    Thanks for starting this thread, Southerlooper.

    We're going through something similar with DS, who will hit, but is also fond of throwing things. And the kid has a strong arm already, lol. We're getting better at recognising his warning signs, which helps. For example, when he's eating, he'll start playing with his food once he's full, and we need to catch that moment and remove the rest of his meal, because his ext step is to throw a few bites of food, then the plate or his sippy cup. Often, he's just aiming for the floor, but to catch someone's attention, he'll throw his spoon or something right at your head. He does the same thing when it comes to hitting.

    I'm pretty sure he's just struggling with frustration because of a lack of speech. Scooter, thanks for the video link to the sign for mad, I'll teach him that one next. Giving him signs for milk, cookie, play, etc. has helped immensely, but I can still see the frustration when he's trying to tell me something and we don't have the sign or the word.

    I'll echo what a previous poster said about removing the child from the situation as well. It's all about calming down, ad I find it's easiest for DS to calm down when he's not facing the situation that was causing the issue. For example, we were filling up the paddling pool in the backyard the other day and DS1 was holding the hose. DS2 kept trying to take it. They did take turns, but DS2 would pitch a fit when his turn was over and scream and hit DS1, or me. I would pick him up and move away, allowing DS1 to fill the pool. It worked to calm DS2 down when I took a few steps away, and then distracted him with another toy or activity.
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    I don't have a 2 yo (yet) - but I like this site for diff ideas when it comes to child development/parenting.


    She also has a fb page -

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