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    I also use CC via the New posts option unless I'm searching for something specific.

    I think it makes sense to put all of parenting together. There just isn't the volume and traffic there once was and our kids are just going to keep getting older. I don't think there's much of a difference between infant/toddler/preschooler when there aren't that many current parenting threads going on anyway. I would vote put it all together, though in the poll I picked the 2 forums.
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    When I come on, I check subscribed threads and then will check new post. If I'm searching for something I use an advanced search option and search by thread titles.

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    I almost think I'd prefer a single general parenting forum even though I voted for the first option with 2. Sometimes I have questions or just want advice on topics that don't really fit in to a particular age range. Things like "what can I expect when ___"? or " is _____ normal?"

    I do think it's a great idea to restructure to better fit the members' needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanga View Post
    Between those options, I pick the first. My honest opinion is just to group parenting into one general forum. When I'm seeing advice or just browsing topics, I like opinions from a wide range of posters, not just ones that happen to have a child the exact same age as mine. Perhaps there could be group threads based on age to serve the purpose for chatting with those that have similar aged kids.

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    All together!
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