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    Chimi - I think that happened to people when we were at sci-fi drive in. I thought it was a pretty fun lunch, worth it to try!

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    Chimi, I don't have any experience with that but it couldn't hurt to try and see if you could get in.

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    Back from our trip We had a blast! The girls were excited, a little sad not to see their grandparents, but they were giddy about Disney.

    We weren't able to get into the sci-fi cafe - they were completely booked for lunch. So we just snacked at HS. We spent a lot of time around the Disney Junior/Pixar area and didn't make it to the coaster (MDD was sad but I promised her Space Mountain at MK)

    We did lunch at T-Rex cafe and they all loved it. YDD loves dinosaurs and was completely enthralled. The food was good; nothing special IMO but they ate it all so it's a win in my book!

    I tried some of the pinterest recommendations for MK; only to find many weren't valid any more. Like, the snack size mini corn dogs at Casey's Hot Dogs weren't on the menu. The ones for $5. DH got the meal which was fine; the kids were hungry. Maybe they only offer those at peak times?

    We were pleasantly surprised by the crowds. I mean, it was crowded, but not wall to wall people. The big rides had long wait times, but other ones were 40 minutes or less. All in all we had a fun trip.
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