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    Thanks for that information, Tracy. My youngest granddaughter has all of a sudden decided she needs jeans!

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    Recommendations for girls jackets? They really need good rain and wind jackets but they also need something that is warm and can be used for travel and those rare cold days (30s-50sF). Would prefer Amazon or something with free returns so we can try a bunch. If I have time I might take them to Burlington Coat Factory but they need something sooner rather than later and there's no longer a bunch close by.
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    For our "winter" I like the boden sherpa lined anoraks. I don't use it for true east coast winter, because we are serious pansies about cold, but I know some people layer fleece under them and use them for actual cold weather too.

    For actual winter I got north face this year from the nordstrom anniversary sale last month.
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    I never really did back to school shopping this year since everyone had plenty of shorts & t-shirts. The weather is finally cooling off though and I'm now realizing we're in a serious Jean shortage for both kids. I don't like this sort of shopping. I also have to check on winter coat status. Last year I bought one from BJ's for ds1 and the thing didn't even last halfway through the season. Then I bought a down one and a hole was torn in it somehow. I can't remember if I just let him be cold after that or not!

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