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    Default Color won't work on my phone.

    Username: K-L-U
    Me: Name, age, SAHM or WOHM?: Katie, 33, WOHM
    DH: Name, age, SAHD or WOHD?: Tony 33, WOHD
    Your Child's name: Nunzio
    Birthdate: 10/23/09
    Favorite Thing: Buzz Light Year
    Siblings: Jack - 9 year old dog

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    Username: Maniach
    Me: Name, age, SAHM or WOHM?: Jen 36 (in August) WOHM
    DH: Name, age, SAHD or WOHD?: Chris 39 (on the 19th) SAHD
    Your Child's name: Hailey
    Birthdate: 10/26/09
    Favorite Thing: Rainbow Dash!!
    Siblings: Chloe, 5
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    CPW - 05/07/07 & HBW - 10/26/09

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    Thanks, M for the update. I knew she was pregnant again with a "surprise" since I know she had to do IVF for the twins and I thought I saw her post a couple times early this year (winter time frame). But she disappeared before I could ask her if she'd had a boy or a girl. Anyway, here ya go:

    Username: Pocahontas
    Me: L, SAHM 'til next month. lol
    DH: K, WAHD
    Your Child's name: Kyle, Jr. (nn: KJ)
    Birthdate: December 6
    Favorite Thing: Watching Super Why (and dancing to the songs) and making our car keys his toys are his latest obsessions. Oy.
    Siblings: L, 15 months

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    At 24w 4d my little boy...became an angel 11/7/07
    Rainbow baby arrived 12/6/09!

    Added a dash of PINK 4/9/11

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    Thanks for the new thread and welcoming us crashers.

    Username: hello kitty
    Me: Name, age, SAHM or WOHM?: kat, 31,PTWM
    DH: Name, age, SAHD or WOHD?: S, 35, WOHD
    Your Child's name: A
    Birthdate: 12/22/09
    Favorite Thing: pretending to be a fireman
    Siblings: DC #2 due sept!

    DS finally has two teeth erupting in the back! He has been a bear on and off for a month or so. But it is frustrating because he is so verbal, I would think he could tell us his mouth hurts. I just looked when brushing tonight, and they are partway in.
    She'd be his wife and make him her husband 5/03Ds1 12/22/09...Ds2 8/31/12

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    Username: Alegna
    Me: Angela, 33, WOHM
    DH: Mike, 37, WOHD
    Your Child's name: Lillian (Lily)
    Birthdate: 11/06/09
    Siblings: Megan, 5

    I'll have to upload a current pic. I'm SO bad about pictures.... my kids are going to hate me one day because they won't have any pictures from their childhood.

    My baby is considered a "Big Kid" AHHHHH! Between this and getting Megan ready for Kindergarten next month I might just cry.

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    My baby is NOT a big kid! She's not she's not she's not!!

    Username: Taffers
    Me: 36, WAHM and WOHM
    DH: 37, WOHD
    Your Child's name: Ella
    Birthdate: 10/8/09
    Favorite Thing: Her dolls/animals
    Siblings: Everett (12/1/11)

    So Ella has been in a mommy phase for months, and now she's back into all daddy, all the time. Basically wants nothing to do with me- won't even hug me when she leaves for school/my mom's house!! WTF?! Of course, despite the fact that she's preferred me for months and months, I get all upset and hurt that she is all about daddy now.

    FYI...today is the Old Navy Stuff and Save...40% off everything in the store, 30% off everything online if you use your Gap/Banana/ON card. I'm meeting two friends at our local ON this morning for a shopping date! Ha ha!

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    I saw that in my email. I'll have to check online later when I get to a bigger screen.

    Isabella is now and always has been all about mommy. It is worse the more time we spend together so I'm not looking forward to returning from our solo trip away from daddy.
    isabella noelle :: 12.7.09

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    Username: Diam124
    Me: Name, age, SAHM or WOHM?: Amy, 35, SAHM
    DH: Name, age, SAHD or WOHD?: J, 35, WOHD
    Your Child's name: B
    Birthdate: 8/31/09
    Favorite Thing: Jigsaw puzzles, anything Lion King
    Siblings: hopefully adding one in March 2013

    I've been reading along but haven't felt up to posting. Morning sickness is kicking my butt. I was never this sick with DS but I feel like crap 95% of the day.

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    diam sorry you feel icky. I felt that way with both of mine... it sucks. It passes, though!! Hang in there!
    CPW - 05/07/07 & HBW - 10/26/09

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    diam Congratulations! Sorry you're feeling sick. I hope it passes soon!
    I'm surrounded by boys!
    DH 6/29/02 ~ DS1 3/2/06 ~ DS2 10/15/09

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