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    I didn't say I was good at it!

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    Okay, so I tried Gia's coffee-protein shake just now. I used a cup of hazelnut coffee, 3 scoops of EAS Vanilla Whey, 3.1oz of banana, and ice. So yummy! It is really thick. Usually the whey bothers me, but it is not too bad.. It came out to 281 calories. I probably could have done one less scoop of the protein powder, I bet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsBeckyLP View Post
    I can't do Zumba! My feet don't move like that!
    Mine, either. Plus, the one time I tried a Zumba class, I was the only one not wearing some sort of beaded skirt/sarong thingy. Guess I missed the memo on the dress code.
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    Even though we aren't quite to 1,000 posts, I went ahead and started a new thread.

    Weight Loss Discussion 3
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