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    A few things that DD loved for her 4th birthday:

    board games -- Curious George Discovery Beach, Busytown, cat in the hat I can do that
    costumes -- butterfly wings, doctor's outfit
    outdoor play stuff -- binoculars, magnifying glass, kids golf set,
    pretend play -- Melissa and Doug sushi set, wildlife rescue set (by animal planet), "nature tubes" of little animalshttp://www.amazon.com/Wild-Republic-...2&sr=1-1-fkmr0
    books - Mo Williems books are great of course, "Princesses have a ball", "Princess Pigsty", National Geographic kids books are amazing, the Franklin books are good (and not very popular in the US so unlikely to already have them - he's a Canadian turtle)
    art stuff -- a basket of art supplies
    random - adopt an animal from the World Wildlife Fund (get a stuffed animal and information), subscription to National Geographic Little Kids magazine

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    I would stay away from the Fancy Nancy stuff, just because I would guess a lot of people are going to be getting it and it would be easy to end up with multiple of the same books or toys. One of the things DD (4.5 yrs) has really really enjoyed are These Sticker Books that grandma got her. She has had hours of fun (really) making collages and pictures with them on plain paper. They have several themes that are all quite cheap so you could get a variety for them and not spend much. I've seen sticker books with a lot fewer stickers for 3 times the price. FWIW she has some of the magnetic dolls and hardly every plays with them, I was about to donate them to the preschool for the quiet room.

    Just yesterday she made a collage of the tea party stickers (cups, treats, chairs, tables, etc.) and had her small LaLaLoopsy dolls sitting on the paper having a tea party. It was pretty cute.
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    Faves from DD's 4th bday (IIRC):

    Do-A-Dot Markers
    Melissa & Doug wooden cupcake set
    Melissa & Doug Make-a-Face sticker pad
    My Little Ponies

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    I'm another mom who is sick of toys. If you want to know the truth, there are gifts that I stashed away after DD2's 4th birthday (she's now 5) that are still in storage.

    I really like the idea of a GC to the movies. Books are another thing I like that the girls enjoy receiving. For 4 yo girls, I think some of the Magic Treehouse books would be fun. Disney also makes story books that have 4 Disney stories + a CD. Both of my girls love those. We put the CD onto their ipods, and they listen to the stories at bedtime.

    Finally, if you happen to know their sizes, Costco has super cute tutu dresses right now. Their return policy is killer, and I think a lot of little girls are really into those tutu dresses.
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    I would suggest books. If the girls like Fancy Nancy, they may be interested in Pinkalicious, Mrs. Bindergarten books, Disney and Barbie early readers, and Angelina Ballerina. My DD is five and loves these books, as well as anything to do with animals, so her favourite gifts at four were passes to the aquarium or zoo.
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