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    Default Educational apps for iPhone/iPad

    I thought a thread on this topic might be interesting.

    I am interested in math apps for my 8yo. We need to work on her math speed, so I am looking for an app to practice multiplication and division - any recs?

    I do have a recommendation for little kids - Montessorium "intro to math" and "intro to letters" are great.
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    For math, particularly for older children, we really like McGraw Hill apps. We got a bunch free last year on National Pi Day. They are having the same thing again this year.


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    I'm going to follow along!

    Our school got some iPads (two per classroom for grades K-2). I asked for the complete list of apps they are using; still waiting, but I'll share when I get them.
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    My friend teaches 2nd grade and has an iPad pilot in his classroom- I think they have 10? Not sure. I'll ask him what apps he uses.
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