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    Default Suggest Family Friendly Songs!

    I need to pull together a 3 hour playlist for DH's party. There will be kids up to age 7 or so as well as adults, most of us closing in on 40 (!).

    Here are some details:
    1.5 hours will be cocktails on a patio area
    We'll then move to another venue on the property
    There will be a Neil Diamond cover guy playing for 45 minutes before dinner
    Dinner will be about an hour
    Neil guy will be playing for another 1/2 hour to close it out

    I want upbeat, fun music that I don't have to wrry about censoring. I'm fine with something like Katie Perry but no hardcore rap.

    Any suggestions?

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    Beach Boys
    Elvis Presley

    Any "oldies" music (50s and 60s)

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    I would make a playlist of all my favorites without putting too much thought into it, just to get a list going. Then I'd take a closer look and remove anything that won't work or might offend.

    ETA: If you want to stick with Neil Diamond's style, create a ND pandora station to get some ideas.
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    This may be too late, but just in case others need options, the CDs from Land of Nod are excellent! My husband and I continue listening even when our daughter has fallen asleep in her carseat.
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