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    Default iPad/iPhone aps

    Any recommendations for iPad/iPhone aps? (More specifically the iPad.) Both fun and useful suggestions welcome!


    Cut the rope DS (7 tomorrow) and I are having so much fun with it.

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    I have the Pandora Box app which tells you when other apps are on sale or free. I have found a ton of useful apps that way.
    Flipboard is also pretty cool.

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    USA Today

    Yelp travel
    Sky View - an astronomy app, very cool
    Martha Stewart everyday food

    Scatterbrain - listmaker

    Angry birds
    Pocket frogs - I'm sadly addicted to this game!
    Tiny wings - very soothing

    I've heard a great ipad app for kids is Ansel and Claire's adventures in Africa

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    I just got one over the weekend. So far:

    Weather Channel
    Quick Office
    Web Albums

    Games ... Run Run Chicken, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds (of course)
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    Of course Words With Friends, and now Hanging With Friends are my favorites. If you have more than one Iphone/pad in your family or friends circle then Bump is a good thing to have. I am able to "Bump" pictures to my Mom's iPad from Oregon to Las Vegas over WiFi, which is a fast and free way to get pictures of DD to her. DH and I also use Bump all the time to exchange pictures we take with our phones, or calendar and contacts items so we stay coordinated.

    iBooks is good to have, there are a lot of free books on there for adults and kids. The talk along books are very cool.
    Fruit Ninja
    Doodle Buddy
    Monkey Lunchbox (kids educational app)
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    we got the survivor cover by armored: http://www.griffintechnology.com/armored. we got it @ best buy for $79 - shockingly expensive, i know!

    anyway, we LOVE it. we have a 3 year old and 2 year old, and this cover seems indestructible and the iPad 2 feels WAY less delicate. the background of this cover is that it's military tested or something OTT like that (?!) but whatever the story, while i was skeptical of the cost initially, it has proven worth it for us (plane rides, lots of movie watching by the kids so far, 2 drops on hardwood floors, etc.)

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    Has anyone done a "jailbreak" on their iPad (specifically iPad 2)?

    I got an iPad 2 for the family for Christmas, and I'd really like to password protect specific apps so the kids can't mess with them (things like FB, email, remote desktop). After some internet research, it seems that this type of app does not exist within the confines of Apple and I must jailbreak my iPad to be able to download an app locker app from somewhere else. I'm not thrilled with this idea, but I will get more use out of our iPad if I can password protect certain apps (because otherwise, I'm not even going to set up FB, email, etc or download apps/games that I wouldn't want the kids to use). So, have you done it? Do you feel okay with it? Do you have an app locker app you would recommend?

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    We got an iPad2 for my parents for Christmas (joint gift with my sister). We're going to set it up for them this weekend/charge it. We'd like to add some apps - and this thread is a great help!

    Any other suggestions for folks who aren't on facebook but like to read/travel? We're going to get my mom synced up with the news stand so she can get her magazines on there (dad too).
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