I just wanted to start a thread on health and emotions because it is a real factor that affects alot of us.

Anything that falls under emotions that might affect health can go here.

My codependency affects my health care and my emotions can distract me from health or trigger me into something that is unhealthy.

I have lots of tapping stuff on the health, and weight loss, but I never can seem to start it alone. If anyone out there knows eft or emotional freedom techniques or tapping. Let me know, I've got some great handouts on using it for healthy eating and weight and so forth. I've got some meal planning info that I barely do but want to do.

Since tapping works so well with deep emotions I want to see how it would work on the body's physical health and all the issues surrounding that but don't want to do it by myself. Or at least not until March that I really could get into it.

Dancing and music that makes me want to dance brings my emotions up and my positive feelings up and I'm really happy today I did my dance thing on Wii Fit game I got for xmas.