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    Default Mwp VIII

    Welcome, MWP! I hope you find this a helpful resource on your journey as a pumping mom.

    Helpful info from previous threads:

    Pump Recommendations
    Medela Pump In Style
    Medela Pump In Style Advanced
    Ameda Purely Yours
    Avent Isis
    Whisper Wear
    Lansinoh Double Electric (same as the Ameda Purely Yours)

    Milk Storage
    Gerber Seal 'N Go Breastmilk Storage Bags A MWP favorite, as they seal, then freeze flat.
    Medela Pump and Save Bags
    Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags
    Avent Via

    Other Pumping Accessories
    Medela Personal Fit Breast Shields
    Easy Expressions Hands Free Pumping Bra
    Medela Micro Steam Bags and Anti-Bacterial Wipes
    Replacement Valves and Membranes for the PIS

    Places to find pumps for less
    EBay Ask us for a reputable dealer
    Birth and Baby
    The Baby Bungalow

    Other recommended vendors for replacement parts
    Self Expressions
    Pumps for Less

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    What is the best way to start my freezer stash?
    Start your freezer stash around the time your baby is a month old
    Pump soon after your baby's first morning feed
    Store milk in small quantities (2-4 ounces), so there's less potential waste
    Label each baggie of milk with the date and quantity
    Store milk in the back of the freezer, where it's less susceptible to temperature fluctuation from the door being opened
    Most of us MWP use the storage bags that seal and lay them flat in the freezer. This requires less space in the freezer and is easier to keep organized

    When Can I Introduce Bottles?
    Generally, it is advised to wait until 3-4 weeks pp before introducing bottles. Try at a time when your baby is hungry, but not ravenous. Some babies won't take a bottle from mom (preferring to get their milk from the tap, and who can blame them?), so dad or someone else may have more luck. In order to prevent nipple confusion/refusal to take a bottle, be sure your baby has at least one bottle every few days.

    What brand of bottle works best for the BF'd baby?
    This will vary widely. Overall, it seems the Playtex system seems to be well received by BF'd babies. When you are shopping/registering for bottles, don't get more than a couple of any given type. With my own DD1, we tried a number of bottles before she finally settled on the regular old Gerber bottles with Nuk nipples. When DD2 was born, we tried those with her, and she refused them. After some trial and error (Gerber bottles with regular nipples, Avent), she setted on the Playtex nursers. Even then, she was very picky and had to have the fast flow latex nipples from the very start.

    How can I increase my supply?
    Nurse, nurse, nurse
    Pump more frequently
    Pump for a few minutes after the milk has stopped flowing, to try to get a second letdown
    Pump a little while after you've nursed your baby
    Pump one side while you nurse your baby on the other
    Fenugreek, 3 capsules, 3 times a day
    Lecithin, 2-3 capsules, twice a day
    Mother's Milk Tea Traditional Medicinal Teas
    Motherlove More Milk Tincture More Milk
    Eat Oatmeal (cookies count too)
    Drink lots of water
    Get plenty of rest
    Increase protein intake
    Note: Fenugreek and More Milk Tincture probably shouldn't be used together, as they contain the same ingredients.

    How can I encourage letdown?
    Have a picture of your child with you
    Have a piece of clothing your child has worn to smell when you start pumping
    Have something to read or do (something other than watching the milk fill the container)

    I am getting ready to go back to work. How many and what size bottles should I send to daycare?
    The general consensus seems to be 3-4 ounce bottles work best for most babies just starting daycare. One bottle for every 2 hours they are away from you should suffice. So if your baby is in daycare for 9 hours, 4 bottles of 3-4 ounces each should work. Also, arrange with your caregiver to leave some frozen EBM in their freezer for emergencies. kellymom also has a calculator to help moms estimate how much should be in each bottle. Link here.

    How much EBM should my baby consume a day?

    This will vary wildly depending on the child, but kellymom estimates that average BF'd baby will consume 25 ounces a day. linkie

    I am not producing enough to keep up with my baby. Can I mix EBM with formula?
    Optimally, you should try to offer EBM and formula separately, because the storage guidelines for formula are much more strict than for EBM. But prepared formula can be mixed with EBM in the same bottle. Simply prepare the formula according to package directions, and mix in with the EBM. For example, if you need to add 2 ounces of formula to an EBM bottle, mix 1 scoop of formula with 2 ounces of water (for most types of powder formula, read the instructions on your can first), then add that to the EBM. DO NOT PUT FORMULA POWDER DIRECTLY INTO THE EBM!!. Treat the entire bottle as formula, though, and discard according to formula storage guidelines.

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    MWP FAQ (con't)

    I'm traveling for business and my baby is not coming with me. How can I bring the milk I pump home?
    Call your hotel in advance and request a refrigerator in your hotel room. Take a small cooler with you. As you pump throughout your trip, store the milk in storage bags. On the day you return home, fill the cooler with ice (putting the ice in additional storage bags so you won't have leakage problems) and place the baggies of milk in the cooler. Wrap the cooler with plastic bags (use the plastic laundry bags in the hotel room) to prevent leakage issues and place in your checked baggage. You can also pack EBM in your carryon, as there are no longer restrictions on the amount of EBM you can carry.

    TSA Release on traveling with EBM.

    If you do not want to travel with the EBM in your luggage, you can package it up and Fed Ex it back to your house. Store the milk as described above. On the day you're heading home, use a styrofoam cooler to pack the milk, and use newspaper to insulate it for the trip. It would need to be marked appropriately so that care is taken with your package. FedEx will pick up the package in the afternoon and have it to you by the following morning.

    Here is an article from MDC on traveling with EBM.

    What are the guidelines for Breastmilk storage?
    * Breastmilk can be stored at room temperature (66-72 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to 10 hours
    * Breastmilk can be stored in the refrigerator that maintains a temperature of between 32 and 29 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 8 days.
    * Breastmillk can be stored in the freezer section of your refrigerator that has a separate door for up to 3 months.
    * Breastmilk can be stored in an upright or chest freezer at a constant temperature of 0 degrees (Fahrenheit) for 6 to 12 months.

    From breastfeeding.com

    Save or Dump?
    * For Milk remaining in the bottle that has been offered to baby, use for next feeding, otherwise discard. Bacteria from the baby's mouth may have entered the milk during the feeding. This may lead to bacterial contamination if it sets too long (though as yet there is no research available).

    *Milk that has been thawed: Save in the refrigerator for 24 hours after thawing, then discard. Do not refreeze. Milk that has been frozen has lost some of the immune properties that inhibit bacterial growth in fresh refrigerated milk.

    *Milk that has been kept in the refrigerator for eight days: Transfer to storage in the freezer, or discard. Bacterial growth is not a problem, but milk sometimes picks up odors or flavors from the refrigerator or the container.
    From Ask Dr Sears

    What's the best way to freeze EBM?
    Freeze in small increments (2-4 ounces) to reduce waste
    Freeze milk as soon as possible after it's been pumped
    Using storage bags (such as the Gerber or Lansinoh ones mentioned above), freeze the milk flat
    Label each bag with the date and how many ounces
    Ice cube holders, larger zip top bags, or plastic baskets can be used to hold multiple bags of milk. Try to keep milk together by date
    Don't forget to periodically rotate your stash and use some of the older frozen milk.

    I'm sending thawed and fresh milk to daycare. What's the best way to do this?
    I label each of DD's bottles. If I send thawed milk, it always goes in bottle #1. That way, if there is a bottle left over at the end of the day, it is fresh milk, which can be sent again the next day. If you have a large freezer stash, it's a good idea to rotate your stash by sending at least 1 thawed bottle each day.

    My baby seems to be so hungry at daycare. Am I not pumping enough milk?
    Babies suck because it is soothing. Often, a baby new to daycare is out of sorts and wants to suck because it is relaxing. Daycare teachers translate this as the baby being hungry and offer more bottles. If possible, ask your daycare provider to hold off on offering bottles until there are other hunger cues present. If your child takes a pacifier, ask your provider to offer this first. The good news is that one babies settle into the new daycare routine, they may not be as hungry all the time!

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    MWP FAQ, Part 3

    Daycare is throwing out EBM that is still good. What can I do to stop this?
    Breastmilk is good for much longer than formula. Ask Dr Sears has a table that can be downloaded and printed for your daycare providers

    My baby didn’t finish his/her last bottle. Can I reoffer the EBM later?
    Yes, it is perfectly safe to reoffer EBM at the next feeding, as long as that is in a few hours. When in doubt, sniff or taste the milk before reoffering.

    What is a good pumping schedule for going back to work?
    Try pumping around the time your baby will be taking a bottle. For smaller babies, it may mean pumping 3 times a day. I drop off DD (10 months) at 6:30, and pump at 7:30, 11, and 3:00, picking DD up around 3:30.

    What is the best way to wean from pumping?
    Slowly! There are a couple of different methods, but the key is to take it slowly to avoid engorgement, discomfort, and mastitis.

    Method 1: Gradually cut out one pumping session at a time. Start with your least productive one, or the one that's the biggest hassle. A week or so later, cut out another, again trying to cut out the least productive session. A week or so after that, cut out another session, and so on.

    Method 2: Gradually push back the time you pump. I fyou normally pump at 8, 11, and 4, try pushing back each session by a little bit each week, gradually cutting out sessions.

    Method 3: Pump a little less at each session. If you normally pump 10 minutes per session, pump for 8-9 minutes, and gradually cut a minute or two out of each session.

    The key is to take it gradually. If you feel engorged or uncomfortable, slow down and give your body more time to adjust.

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    Important General Tips
    You should continue to take a prenatal vitamin while you are BF'ing
    Drink plenty of water
    Try not to get too stressed out if you have one bad day of pumping. I find that my Monday output is pretty low, but it bounces right back on Tuesday
    Eat healthy meals

    Your Rights as a Working MWP
    Benefits to your company

    Starting a Lactation Program at Your Company
    Starting a Lactation Program

    My work does not have a place for me to pump
    Ladies, please be very up front with your boss and HR about your needs as a pumping mom. You absolutely should not have to pump in the bathroom. As the very least, ask for a small enclosed area that locks, one that you will have uninhibited access to throughout the day. The room should have a comfortable chair (a couch would be a huge bonus) and an outlet. It doesn't require a huge investment on the part of your company.

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    MWP VIII is open for business.

    MWP, please check over the first posts to make sure all the information is up to date (especially the travel part). PM a mod to get it changed if you find an old link


    Here is a recent question from the last page of the previous thread to get the discussion rolling:

    Quote Originally Posted by granada View Post
    Not sure if I should post here or the BF support thread but here's my question: My DD is 5 weeks old, and I've been pumping so that DH can give her a bottle in the evening. We've been doing this for about a week, and things have been going pretty well. (DS never took the bottle, so I was happy to see DD taking it with apparently no issues.) For the last couple of days, though, after the feeding, she's been having major spit up, and DH is concerned. She has occasional spit up when I'm nursing her, but not in the amount that she's had with the bottle. Not sure if the bottle causes the baby the swallow more air, or what? Any tips or advice for DH for when he's feeding her?

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    granada I saw your post in the other thread -it may be a good idea to have DH try the bottle when she's not totally screaming for it-it could be part of the issue. Have you tried some gas drops?

    I am officially done pumping! I am so glad to finally be done and not have to worry about running to pump at work anymore. We are actually all weaned -I knew from experience that my supply would decrease as I decreased pumping and I pretty much haven't pumped for about 3 weeks now and was just nursing him in the evenings and during the night. We have now not even had a night time nursing session for the past 3 nights, so I think that we are done. DS2 just turned 7 months yesterday. I'm happy with that.

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    Ugh, it's hard to continue a conversation between threads. I'm going to copy a few more posts on granada's issue to better reply..

    The original question is quoted above. Here were the replies to that:

    I don't know how many oz you are giving, but yes babies typically get more air with bottles than bf-ing. My DD also spit up more with faster flow bottles, like avent ones. We have good luck stopping DD in the middle of a feeding and burping her, then continuing the feeding. Typically that forces her to slow down at least a little bit.

    granada- I'd try a slower-flow bottle or nipple. Avent bottles were way too fast for my DS so we switched to Born Free. There's a baby in my DS's daycare class who spits up all.the.time and he uses the bottle that comes with the PISA. I think he's drinking way more than he really needs because it comes out so fast (and it kills me not to say anything!! ). How many ounces are you giving her?

    She may also be taking in more fluid with the bottle than she would with the breast. It's harder for a baby to stop drinking with a bottle than it is when BF.
    I've always used Playtex Drop-ins as they've done a great job eliminating the air issue for me.

    To help with this problem, make sure baby is just about sitting up-head elevated and hold the bottle as horizontally as possible. It helps the milk come out faster. I second the playtex Drop ins-slow flow latex nipples!

    Thanks, everyone! We are using the Playtex drop-ins with the slow flow latex nipples! I give DH a 4 oz. bottle to give her, but she doesn't always finish it. He stops a lot to burp her. I actually thought he was burping her too much, but I guess that is not possible. Last night, when she had her big spit up, she was getting mad and screaming every time he took her off and burped her, so that probably didn't help with the swallowing air thing. And she had only taken 1.5 oz. DH stopped after that, because he was too freaked out. Maybe we should try to give her a bottle when she's not too hungry, so she's not totally screaming for it.

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    In regards to the baby getting to much milk, I was more referring to the way the babe sucks from the bottle vs sucks from the breast. It's 2 different mechanisms. And she may not yet know how to stop with the bottle. 4oz seems like a lot to me at only 5w. How did you come up with that? Did you offer 2, then 3, then 4?

    I'd get 4 oz out but start with a 2oz bottle. Since it is BM, you can bring it to room temp and have quite a bit of leeway with timing. So have the bottle ready when she first starts making hunger cues vs waiting for screaming. When she finishes the 2oz, burp, then offer another ounce, burp, then the 4th if she is still hungry. My guess is that she's getting very hungry, gulping because she's not used to bottle feeding, then getting overfilled and spitting up what doesn't fit in her tummy.

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