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    Default Piano refinishing?

    Has anyone refinished a piano? I have a upright from around 1979-1980 that is very dated looking. I did some google research on refinishing in my area but the stores had broad estimates.

    If you've refinished a piano I'm wondering about time, cost and if you're happy with the results. My husband wants to stain it a darker color and to replace the music holder with a more modern piece.

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    Other than a huge price range, I think it just depends on who you use to do the refinishing. Someone who specializes in furniture refinishing won't be as high as a someone who works on rebuilding pianos. A refinisher will just work on the outside while a rebuilder replaces some of the interior parts as well as working on the outside appearance of a piano. It also depends on the actual value of the piano. It may cost more to refinish your piano than it is actually worth, unless of course there is a sentimental value that makes it priceless in your eyes. Piano's age more than they show depending on how much they're played and where they age, humidity and dryness play a role. Someone who specializes in piano rebuilding or maybe even a good tuner could look inside to see what condition the piano is in after 30 years.

    We inherited a turn-of-century Steinway that I have done much research about prior to having it moved into our house. I got some great input from the forum at Pianoworld, they're are quite a few regulars who know tons of information about older pianos.

    FWIW, I think your piano is quite attractive and has some pretty details. I've seen some pretty funky looking uprights and yours has a nice understated look. I especially like the legs on the piano and the bench.
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    Thanks for the info Geranium. I do have sentimental value for the piano b/c it was in my house growing up, it's the one I learned to play on and then my parents gave it to us as a wedding gift. It's a Kimball so I imagine the value is low given it's age (and moving across the country 2x!). The main problem with it is that it doesn't match any of our other furniture. That bothers DH. We'll be moving soon and it will be placed in a little alcove right next to the currently light colored dining room set.
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