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    Thanks for the helpful responses! I've now read a few books on the subject and watched Food, Inc. and they were all great resources. I'm happy to report that we've made a lot of succesful changes in our household. Both my DH and I feel great and are happy that we've decided to go this route. Before, I used to buy fresh fruit and vegetables but they'd go bad before we'd eaten them all. Now, we often have to run out mid-week to replenish our supply!

    We're eating mostly organic, have reduced our dairy intake, drastically reduced on the processed foods we buy (pre-made side dishes and snacks, frozen dinners, etc.), and are doing something similar to Krissycat where I won't buy anything that has greater than 5 ingredients and/or has salt or sugar listed as one of the top 3. We are also going vegetarian one day per week, and I am now only eating meat at one meal each day (instead of both lunch and dinner, like I used to). We've tried so many new foods and ingredients that we never would have before, like tofu, ground flaxseed, greek yogurt, almond milk, etc. I'm really enjoying discovering new recipes!

    For anyone else who is interested in this subject, there is a decent thread at 3fatchicks.com for people who are sticking to a whole foods eating plan.

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    For me, diet is not motivated by wanting to eat healthier. I have bad neuralgia and migraine issues. They can be triggered by certain foods and I need to be in control of these triggers to avoid or at least lessen the pain. I got the results back from my food sensitivities testing. There is a difference between "allergy" and "sensitivity".

    Allergy- A reaction to a particular food within 8hrs of ingestion. This immediate response is often called a “fixed” food allergy. Symptom onset is rapid and may include swelling of the tongue and throat, development of hives, wheezing, nausea and abdominal cramps. Anaphylaxis belongs in this category.
    Sensitivity- Delayed food reaction, up to 3 days. Due to the fact that delayed food reaction symptoms can appear up to 3 days after the food is eaten, some people remain unaware of the foods to which they are truly sensitive. Food sensitivity is often a result of repetitive eating. You should avoid eating foods from the same family more than once every 4 days.

    This diet is basically the opposite of my current diet. I know it's going to be hard, but being in chronic pain is even harder. I'm tired of popping pills that no longer work.

    I think that everyone should get tested. This should be the 1st step that the dr's rx, instead of just throwing pills at you. I know that this would put a dent in their and the pharmaceutical companies moneymaking. They test for 96 foods and I think you would be surprised at what you are sensitive to. My insurance didn't cover it, so it cost $99. This is nothing in comparison to paying copay after copay, and having to deal with the s/e's of meds.

    Sensitivity levels range from 0-3, 0 being not sensitive. You have to permanently avoid certain foods, but others can be introduced as long as you follow the rotation diet. You should record the food and any reactions. Some foods you may not directly be sensitive to, but they affect other products. For me, I’m extremely sensitive to yeast. I am not sensitive to sugar, but sugar feeds yeast overgrowth. Root beer is fermented. There are meds, makeup, lotions, enamel paints, toothpaste, vitamins … that contain offending items. Certain ingredients indicate the presence of x. You have to read EVERYTHING.

    I am so overwhelmed with information. I understand what I can’t have but I don’t know what to do with the foods I can have. It’s frustrating- rice milk is suggested to me but it contains sunflower oil, which I cannot have. It's even more complicated b/c I can only eat soft foods.
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    Default Book Rec's

    I do not know anything about these books yet, but they are the ones that were recommended to me from the dietician:

    • Complete Candida Yeast Guide book
    • Healing With Whole Foods
    • Gluten & Dairy Free Cookbook
    • Special Diet Solutions
    • Special Diets for Special Kids
    • The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook
    • The Candida Albicans Yeast-Free Cookbook
    • The Complete Food Allergy Cookbook
    • The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy
    • The Super Girl Food Allergy Cookbook
    • The Yeast Free Kitchen: Recipes to Help You Achieve Victory Over the Yeast
    • Understanding and Implementing a Gluten Free Diet
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    Default Sources for Non-Allergenic Foods

    Authentic Foods

    Baby Cakes NYC

    Bob's Red Mill

    Ener-G Foods, Inc.

    Enjoy Life Natural Brands

    Food for Life

    Foods by George

    Gluten Free Grocery Shopping Guide

    Gluten Freeda

    Gluten Solutions

    Gluten-Free Pantry

    Jones Dairy Farm

    Nu-World Amaranth Inc.

    Pamela's Products

    Thai Kitchen

    Trader Joe's

    Vance's Foods, Inc.

    Whole Foods Market
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    I've heard about the Okinawa Eating plan, but don't know any details about it except that it is based on the food of people from Okinawa since they have a popular of centenarians.

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    Try the 100 Days of Real Food blog: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com

    I really enjoy Clean Eating magazine: http://www.cleaneatingmag.com

    You can get a lot of valuable info from Food Babe ( http://foodbabe.com ) - but she sometimes gets a little more extreme than I am willing to go at this time.

    Let me look up a few others whose Facebook feeds I follow (most have blogs, too) and come back in a bit.

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    Okay, many of these are focused on families with kids since that is my situation, but could be helpful to a wider audience, too:

    Tribe Wellness
    Eating Rules
    The Gracious Pantry
    Food With Kid Appeal
    Little Ladies Who Lunch
    Real Kids Eat Spinach

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