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    Default Support for Ladies who have miscarried (#7)

    This is a thread for ladies who have experienced a miscarriage. It's a place to discuss our emotions, struggles, and successes. If you have experienced, or are currently experiencing a miscarriage, we hope you will join us. This is a place to talk openly while also offering comfort and encouragement.

    This thread goes in cycles--those with more time past the m/c come out to support new members, and as the EDD's for the older members approach, it is the newer members who in turn lend their support.

    Your threadmistress: MrsSpencer

    If you would like to be added to this thread then please post your stats in red.

    Also, if you have any links that have helped you, feel free to post those and we will add them.
    It's hardest to say good-bye, when you never got a chance to say hello

    No matter how many children I live to have, it will always be one less than I want

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    Active Members

    Name: Angie, 32
    DH: Scott, 31
    Married: 9/25/04
    M/C: m/c discovered 1/16/08 at 8w1d, D&C 1/18/08

    me: ivette, 30
    dh: adam, 30
    ttc: Sept/Oct 07
    dx: RPL, Homozygous MTHFR w/ normal homocysteine levels, Kidney Yin deficiency, fibroid (monitored w/ u/s scan)
    11.07 - chemical pregnancy (#1)
    02.08 - chemical pregnancy (#2)
    03.08 - chemical pregnancy (#3)
    *RPL testing --> MTHFR dx
    *SHG --> fibroid detected
    *Karotype (me/DH) --> normal
    *Started TCM and acupuncture --> kidney yin deficiency
    *Met with 1st RE
    05.08 - changed RE
    07.08 - m/c (#4) @ 6 weeks 1 day (blighted pregnancy)
    *Interviewed new REs
    *Karotype of pregnancy tissue
    10.08 - target cycle to ttc
    *considering IVF (depending on genetic testing results)

    Me: Alicia (31)
    DH: Scott (32)
    DD: Abbey (5/29/05)
    M/C: Found out at 11w1d, D&C a day later (7/19/07)
    Diagnosed with partial molar pregnancy

    Me: 34
    DH: 33
    DD: 11/05
    M/C: 6/07 (at 8 wks 3 days)
    Chemical pregnancy: 9/07

    Me: Allison 33
    Married: 5.24.03
    M/C: 7 weeks 9.16.07

    Me: Allison, 30
    DH: Shawn, 32
    DD: Clara, 2
    M/C: Found out at 8 wks, no h/b on U/S, still waiting for m/c to occur....

    Me: S, 40
    DH: 39
    M/C:discovered during scan at 11w5d, followed by D & E
    most likely due to genetic factors, awaiting test results to determine cause

    me: beth, 30
    DH: jim, 28
    Married: July 2003
    TTC: May 2007
    BFP: October 2008
    loss of baby: November 6 2008, 7w, ectopic pregnancy, treated with methotrexate given by a shot in the butt...

    Lori (35) and John (42)
    MC 1: Oct 2007 (wasn't charting don't know how far along I was)
    MC 2: Jan 2008 (same as above-not charting)
    MC 3: July 2008 (5w 6d)
    No "known" issues at this point-waiting on test results and appt with RE

    Me: Kate
    DH: AJ
    Married since: 12/30/04
    M/C: On April 15, 2008: 10 w 5 days, DD measured 6 w 1 day

    Me: 34
    DH: 35
    Married: 10.25.03
    DD: B, 7.18.07
    M/C: D&E 12/12/08

    Me: 27
    DH: 33
    DD: 9 months
    M/C: @ 12 weeks, Sept. 17, 2007

    Me: Deirdre (37)
    DH: Declan (40)
    DD: Orla (7/9/05)
    M/C: Found out at 9w5d, D&C 6/15/07

    Name: Roseanne, 33
    DH: Daniel, 33
    Married: 9/01
    M/C: 1/27/08 @ 11.6 weeks, induced w/RU-486
    DS: Asher 5/31/05

    Me: 23
    DH: 28
    Married: August 11, 2007
    M/C: 8/2007

    Me: 29
    DH: 35
    m/c #1 Sept 2004
    m/c #2 Sept 2008

    Name: Lori, 31
    DH: K, 43
    Married: 10.11.03
    DD: A, 11.27.05
    M/C: 6.5.07 @ 6w (not sure when conceived)
    Angel DD: 12.4.07 D&E @ 19w 1d due to condition not compatible w/life

    Me: Janet (36)
    DH: Jack (38)
    DS: Anders (7/13/05)
    M/C: Found out at 9w5d, D&C 6/20/07

    Bernadette (32) and John (36)
    M/C: 1/08 (blighted ovum), 6/08 (triploidy)

    Mona (29) Abdullah (32)
    found out we had a blighted ovum pregnancy 8/7
    waiting for m/c to happen

    Age: 26
    TTCing since Aug '07
    Married: 8/10/02
    M/C: 12/16/06, @ 5 weeks
    Name: Kelly
    DH: Chris
    Married: 5.17.03
    DD: 11.23.05
    M/C: @ 5w6d, 11.28.06
    M/C: ruptured ectopic 1.14.07 (didn't even know I was PG)

    Kelly's Girl
    Me: Kelly's Girl, 33
    DH: 33
    M/C: Jan 1, 2005
    PG: Feb, 2005- DS born October, 2005
    M/C #2: July, 2007 (didn't know I was pg, so don't know how far along I was!)

    Name:Jennifer, 33
    DH: Erik, 45
    Married: June 7, 2003
    M/C blighted ovum by D&C at 10 weeks 12/07/2005
    Had D&E at 14 weeks 08/18/06 due to chromosome problem and heart defect

    Name:lori, 36
    DH:jimbo, 36
    Married: dec 1, 2001
    kids: DD 1/03
    DS 1/05
    M/C 13 weeks

    Age: 28
    TTCing since July 08
    M/C:04/14/08, @ 8weeks
    Name: Michele
    DH: Frank

    DD: 4-14-01

    Me: Megan 37
    DH: Brian 37
    DSS: Remi 10
    DS: Wyatt 2/15/08
    Loss: 11/24/08 9w5d-discovered baby no longer had heartbeat
    D&C: 11/26/08

    Name: Melissa, 30
    DH: Jeff, 32
    Married: 5/2005
    DD: Abigail 2/16/2006
    M/C: 4/26/2008...we've been trying for #2 since June 2007

    Name: Megan, 32
    DH: Aaron, 33
    Married: November 16, 2002
    M/C: 4/18/08 missed m/c at 10W baby at 6w3d, 2nd m/c 8/12/08 at 8W
    DS: Nathan 6/06

    MrsCantDecide (MCD)
    Name:Stefani, 29
    DH:Shane, 32
    Married: 5/4/02
    M/C #1: 5 weeks, 11/06
    M/C #2: 6w4d, 3/18/07
    M/C #3: 4w3d 5/18/07
    DS: Lucas Wayne, 3/5/06

    DH: Nate
    Married: 6/9/07
    M/C: 03/06
    Rainbow baby DS: Nicholas Harold 4/29/08

    Name: Nicole, 26
    DH: Tony, 27
    Married: April 5, 2003
    M/C: 5w, 2d 8/5/08
    DS: Blake, July 19, 2004

    Name: Terri
    DH: Brian
    DD's: Madeline (01/23/04); Savannah (11/26/05)
    M/C: Blighted ovum twins- d&c @ 9weeks 07/03/08

    Me: Brenda, 32
    SO: Adam, 26
    M/C: naturally in our 5th week

    Name: Jen, 26
    DH: Michael, 26
    Married: 12/14/02
    M/C: January 14, 2008 @ 7w 1d

    Me: Stacy - 29
    DH: Brian - 29
    Married since: June 2004
    M/C: D&C on November 26 would have been almost 10 weeks pregnant

    Age: 38
    Married: 08/03/02
    M/C: Ectopic pregnancy 10/21/08
    Other DC: DD 06/06

    Me: 29
    DH: 32
    DD: 5/12/2007
    M/C: (1st) Summer of 1998, early m/c around 6w.
    (2nd) Found out on 8/6/2008~ 8w6d, sac/fetal pole measured at 6w,no heartbeat ~ Started to m/c on 8/21/2008.

    Me: 36
    TTCing since May '06
    Married: 9/03
    M/C: 5/31/06, @ 6 weeks
    M/C#2: 9/23/07 @ 7 weeks

    Me: Amy, 31
    Married: 9.21.02
    DS: 2.04.05
    M/C: fetal demise @ 13 weeks, discovered at 15 weeks. Induced/D&E 6.8.07
    TTC: 8/2007

    Me: Tracie - 32
    DH: Mike - 33
    DS: AJ - 3/2/06
    M/C: Found out 10/31/08 at 11w, D&E 11/3/08
    It's hardest to say good-bye, when you never got a chance to say hello

    No matter how many children I live to have, it will always be one less than I want

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    Me: 33
    DH: 31
    Married: 2001
    M/C: 11/04 - 13 weeks w/ D&C
    M/C: 2/05 - 5.5 weeks
    M/C: 11/05 - 4.5 weeks
    M/C: 5/06 - 9.5 weeks w/ D&C

    Name:Jen, 32
    DH:Lenny, 28
    Married: February 15th, 2003
    M/C 6 weeks, January 2002
    M/C 4 weeks, 3 days July 2004
    M/C 4 weeks, 4 days Dec 2006

    Name:Ashley, 28
    DH: Doug, 33
    Married: June 28, 2005
    M/C naturally at 7 weeks
    DD: Danielle Judith 12-15-04

    Married: August 15, 2004
    M/C (D&C) @ 10 weeks, June 2005

    Name: Amy, 27
    DH: Neale, 32
    Married: Sept. 2001
    DD: Feb. 2005
    M/C #1: Jan. 28th, 2006
    M/C #2: Sept. 9th, 2006

    me: amy (36)
    dh: dan (34)
    TTC since: March 2003
    Treatments: 6 failed rounds of Clomid. 1 successful IVF producing Avery Elizabeth born still on June 3, 2005 at 27 weeks from possible cord accident (we love you, baby girl!) along with 3 frozen blasts.
    DD Name: malin elizabeth 4/3/06

    Name: Annette, 29
    DH: Mike, 30
    Married: 11/01
    M/C: 3/5/07, @ 8 weeks
    M/C#2: 8/13/07
    DS- August 2008

    Me: 33
    DH: 35
    Married: October 2nd, 2002
    M/C: Missed Abortion at 10w4d but he or she had been dead for about a week by then. Three days later d&c on May 26th, 2006.
    DD: Maya Allison February 14th, 2003

    Name: Brenda, 22
    DH: Sweetie, 36
    Married: September, 2005
    M/C naturally at 8 weeks (11/10/05)

    name: rebecca
    dh: a boy
    married: august 31, 2003
    m/s at 8 weeks, june 2005

    Name: Bethany, 27DH: Elon, 28
    Married: June 23, 2002
    M/C naturally at 12w1d (12/7/05)

    Calla Lilly
    Name:Erin, 31
    DH: Gary 36
    Married: August 2006
    M/C medicated 9w3d on 11/16/05

    Me: Kate, 44
    DH: Aron 35
    mc: medicated 8w2d

    Me: Alissa
    DH: Brian
    Married: 07/05/03
    M/C: 07/29/05: 6w,4d
    M/C: 09/14/05: 6w, 6d

    me: 34
    DH: 33
    Married May 2002
    DD September 2005
    TTC: May 2007
    m/c: September 2004, 11w2d, d&c

    Me: Dana, 27
    DH: Nick, 31
    Married: 9-18-04
    Miscarred: Still waiting

    Me: Danea (22)
    FH: Patrick (24)
    Wedding: 10-16-05
    M/C: at 7 wks

    Me: Ericka, 32
    DH: Jarett, 27
    Married: 12/14/01
    Infant Loss : Rebekah Joy - 4/18/05 @ 24 weeks, lived 1 hour and 11 mins.

    Name:Christina 24
    Married: 03/02/03
    M/C (natural @ 10 1/2wks

    Name:Kim, 30
    DH:Brian, 31
    Married: 7/13/02
    M/C: 4w3d, 5/21/07
    DS: Douglas, 5/21/05

    Name: Steff, 26
    DH: Brian, 26
    Married: November 24, 2001
    M/C: 9 weeks. D&E Feb 23. I am considering this her date, but she had died about a week before that.
    DS: Christopher 8-12-04

    Name:happy 27
    DH: 29
    Married: April 27, 2002
    M/C in process - the baby measured 6 weeks but should be about 9 weeks we are waiting for the baby to pass and contemplating a D&C
    DS: Benjamin 8-14-04

    Name: Hew?B, 29
    Will be Married: Oct 2006
    M/C: @ 6w2d, June 2006

    Name:Erinn, 30
    DH: Jay, 30
    Married: December 29, 2001
    DD: 9/22/03
    M/C: 11/10/04: 6w, 6d
    M/C: 7/20/05: 11w, 6d

    Name:Karen, 33
    DH: Andrew, 34
    Married: August 1, 2004
    M/C naturally at 6w2d (April 20, 2006)

    Name:Jenn, 30
    DH:Rob, 30
    Married: September 20, 2002
    M/C at 9 weeks, the surgery date is what sticks in my head at 6/13/05

    Name: Jenah, 29
    DH: Matthew, 28
    Married: 07/26/02
    Lost Katie & Chloe at 18 weeks, 6 day on 9/27/06

    Me: Jenny
    DH: Sean
    Married: 9/20/03
    Forever in our hearts: Andrew Wyatt, 5/20-5/22/05

    Me: Jen, 28
    DH: Al, 37
    DS: Gabe, born 12.21.04
    Married: 10.4.03
    Miscarred: 8 weeks, naturally, Oct. 2005

    Name:Jen, 31
    DH: Eric, 33
    Married: April 26, 2003
    DS: Elijah 02-06-04
    M/C: 02-10-06 at approx. 5 weeks

    Married: 8.31.02
    DS: O 1.05.04
    No m/c yet, but found at at 12 weeks that baby was only 8wks and there was no heartbeat.

    Name: Jody, 32
    Married: August 30, 2003
    M/C: @ 5 weeks, June 2006

    Name: Karla, 25
    DH: Scott, 26
    Married: 06/08/02
    M/C at 8 weeks, D&C 1/29/05

    Name: Kat, 26
    DH: 31
    Married: November 08, 2003
    M/C: 2/04/06 @ 6 1/2 weeks

    Me: Kari - 26
    DH: Nate - 29
    Married: 9-6-03
    m/c #1 12-24 @ 6w2d
    m/c #2 4-22 @ 8w

    Name, Kerry, 30
    Dh, Fred 30
    Married 27 Oct 01
    DD: 4 Oct 03
    M/C: 6-01, 3-06, 12-06

    Me:Karen (25)
    DH:Patrick (31)
    Married: 7/13/02
    DD:Helen 6-12-99
    angel Jamie 7-31-03
    DS:Nathan 9-28-04
    Angel baby 11-1-06

    Name: Kim, 30
    DH: Tony, 33
    Married: 10/12/02
    M/C: naturally @ 10 weeks, 11/26/05

    Name: Lissette, 32
    DH: Benny, 30
    Married: 05/04/03
    M/C at 11 weeks, D&C 8/2/05

    LDS Angel 19
    Me: Michelle, 22
    DH: Aaron, 23
    Married: September 4th, 2004
    Our angel Allison Grace June 17th 2005 @ 22 wks, With us on earth 40 mins

    DH: Shannon,25
    Married: July 02, 2005
    M/C partial molar at 11 weeks had D&C

    Me: Laura, 32
    DH: 31
    Married: 9/28/02
    M/C: 9w2d 7/13/07, Blighted Ovum
    DD: Mary, 4/29/06

    Name:MLA, 32
    DH: H, 29
    Married: June 19, 2004
    M/C: 6 wks (August 5, 2007)
    7 wks (October 15, 2007)

    DH: Nate
    Married: 6/9/07
    M/C: 03/06
    DS: Nicholas Harold 4/29/08

    Me: Kerry, 28
    DH: Chris, 30
    Married: August 7th, 2001
    MCs: at 11wks, 19 wks, 6 wks and 12 wks

    Name: Lauren , 26
    DH: Brian, 27
    Married: November 20, 2004
    M/C: 1/12/06 @ 5 1/2 weeks

    Name:Julia, 27
    DH: Josh, 28
    Married: April 20, 2002
    M/C - baby died 8w3d, I would have been 12w4d when we found out, D&C on October 18, '06, miscarried naturally Oct. 22, 27 and Nov 1, Cytotec Nov 4-5, '06, D&C#2 Nov. 9, '06

    married 4/5/03
    m/c june 2,2005

    Me: 32
    DH: 34
    Married Since: 04/02
    Miscarried: 02/06

    Name: Rene', 35
    DH: Todd, 36
    Married: December 23, 1990
    2 DD's: 12/18/94, 03/30/98
    M/C: 9/02: 6w
    M/C: 12/02: 5w
    M/C: 11/7/05: 10w (naturally, no d&c)

    Name: C, 24
    DH: J, 23
    Married: May 22, 2005
    M/C: @ 6 weeks 4 days, October 15, 2005

    me: kristin, 32
    dh: chris, 34
    ttc: Dec 05
    Dx: questionable.
    Feb 06 - m/c #1
    July 06 - m/c #2
    Aug 06 - 1st appt with RE
    Sept 06 - sonohysterogram + hysteroscopy for uterine polyp
    March 07 - m/c #3
    6/07: Femara w/ Ovidrel shot - BFP!
    7/07: loss #4 [ectopic pg]

    Name: Sebski, 30
    Married: Oct 2002
    M/C: @ 5w1d, June 2006

    me: Heather (32)
    DH: Neal (34)
    TTC: September 2004
    first m/c: january 2005, 12w2d, natural
    second m/c: may 2005, 9w2d, d&c

    Me: 38
    DH: 36
    DS: Sept. 1992
    DD1: Apr. 1995
    DD2: July 2006
    M/C 1: Dec. 2003
    3 chemical pgcies: early 2004
    M/C 2: Sept. 2007

    Steve's Sweety
    Name: Tish, 33
    DH: Steve, 32
    Married: 6.9.01
    M/C: Missed m/c @ 8W4D, cytotec induced at home @ 11W1D on 11.18.06
    DS: Holden, 6.13.04
    DD: Adelyn, 12.18.07 (Rainbow Baby)

    Me: 29
    DH: 31
    Married: June 2002
    M/C at ~6 weeks, 7/1/04
    Our angel, Hannah Jane, born still on 4/22/05 at 23 weeks (1 lb, 2 oz, 10 1/8" long).

    Name:Jennifer, 30
    DH: Ben, 30
    Married: December 2003
    TTC: since Feb 06
    BFP: 31 Oct
    M/C: found no heartbeat at 9 week u/s, waiting for D&C

    teacher jessica
    Name: Jessica, 29 (30 in February)
    DH: Brad, 33
    Married: July 23, 2005
    M/C: 12/06/06 at 6w4d

    Name: Tara
    DH: Scott
    Married: July 20, 2002
    DD: Adelina - Aug. 2003
    M/C: 8 weeks (Natural, no D&C) - April 2005

    Name: Cassie, 24
    DH: Michael, 25
    Married: 5/21/05
    M/C: September 8, 2007 @ 6w 3d

    Married since: 2002
    M/C: 03/24/06

    Name: Carm, 30
    DH: M, 30
    Married: 6.17.06
    M/C: 11.07, 3.08
    It's hardest to say good-bye, when you never got a chance to say hello

    No matter how many children I live to have, it will always be one less than I want

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    What is a Miscarriage?

    Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is the natural or accidental termination of a pregnancy at a stage where the embryo or the fetus is incapable of surviving, generally defined at a gestation of prior to 20 weeks. Miscarriages are the most common complication of pregnancy. The term "abortion" refers to any terminated pregnancy, deliberately induced or spontaneous, although in common parlance it refers specifically to active termination of pregnancy.

    Types of Miscarriages

    A threatened abortion is the development of symptoms (bleeding with or without cramps or low back pain) that often suggest impending miscarriage. With such a presentation of bleeding, 50% proceed to miscarriage of the pregnancy.

    Inevitable abortion
    The miscarriage of a pregnancy is inevitable when any of the following symptoms are present:

    There is an obvious rupture of membranes
    An open cervix
    There is tissue in the cervix
    There is an absence of fetal heart at a βHCG level consistent with fetal heart activity
    When any of these symptoms are detected, management involves conservative observation, monitoring for heavy bleeding and sepsis, and a dilatation and curettage (D&C).

    Incomplete abortion
    An incomplete abortion is the miscarriage of a fetus in a pregnancy when tissue has been passed, but some remains in utero. It can result in severe bleeding, infection or intrauterine scarring. Management consists of a dilatation and curettage (D&C).

    Septic abortion
    The infection of the womb carries risk of spreading infection (septicaemia) and is a grave risk to the life of the woman. It may follow an incomplete miscarriage and previously was a problem for pregnancies that occurred if a Dalkon Shield IUD had failed in its contraception. This has been particularly associated with abortions performed in non-sterile circumstances, common where abortions are carried out illegally and/or by poorly skilled and equipped operators.

    A missed abortion is the miscarriage of a fetus in a pregnancy when the fetus has died, but remains in the uterus. Many cases of missed abortion will lead to a spontaneous abortion within days. Occasionally, a dilatation and currettage is necessary to remove the pregnancy tissue. That's because there is a risk of maternal coagulation abnormality if the tissue remains in the uterus for several weeks.

    Habitual abortion (recurrent pregnancy loss or recurrent miscarriage) is the occurrence of 3 consecutive miscarriages. The majority (85%) of women who have had two miscarriages will conceive and carry normally afterwards, so statistically the occurrence of three abortions at 0.34%[3]) is regarded as "habitual".
    There are various medical conditions associated with this problem, some of which may be corrected with medication.

    Common causes of Miscarriages

    Uterine Abnormalities
    Ectopic Pregnancy
    Blighted Ovum
    Luteal Phase Defects
    Autoimmune Disorders
    Molar Pregnancy
    It's hardest to say good-bye, when you never got a chance to say hello

    No matter how many children I live to have, it will always be one less than I want

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    A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss -- Guidance and Support for You and Your Family
    by Perry-Lynn Moffitt, Isabelle A. Wilkins, Ingrid Kohn
    Support for this often unrecognized loss. Includes information on how men and women grieve differently, stress management in subsequent pregnancies, etc.

    A Woman Doctor's Guide to Miscarriage: Essential Facts and Up-To-The
    Minute Information on Coping With Pregnancy Loss and Trying Again
    by Irene Daria, Laurie Abkemeier (Editor), Lynn Friedman

    Coping With Miscarriage: A Simple, Reassuring Guide to Emotional and Physical Healing
    by Mimi Luebbermann
    Pregnancy councelor writes about emotional and physical stages of miscarriage.

    Empty Arms: Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Loss
    by Sherokee Ilse

    Empty Arms: Emotional Support for Those Who Have Suffered Miscarriage or Stillbirth
    by Pam W. Vredevelt
    Christian-based emotional support.

    How to Prevent Miscarriage and Other Crisis of Pregnancy
    by Carol Colman, Stefan Semchyshyn
    Information of preventing future losses.

    Never Held You: an ebook about miscarriage
    by Ellen M. DuBois
    Who are we? We are professionals in the workforce or professional mothers. We are painters and singers. We are caretakers and we are movie stars. Some of us may have children; while some of us don't. The one thing that connects us all is that we are women who experienced a miscarriage that seemed, in many cases, to go unacknowledged by many. We have all felt the dismissal of our very real grief and we have all felt alone and isolated because of it. We cry our tears together. You are not alone in your struggle to get through this . . .

    Miscarriage: A Shattered Dream
    by Sherokee Ilse & Linda Hammer Burns
    This is what I would consider a short form book of information and support. It's a fast read, but some people will want more depth.

    Miscarriage: The Facts
    (Oxford Medical Publications) 2nd Edition
    by Gillian C. L. Lachelin

    Miscarriage: What Every Woman Needs to Know
    by Professor Lesley Regan
    Information on causes, process, treatment, chances of successful pregnancy,
    miscarriage and infertility.

    Miscarriage: Women Sharing from the Heart
    by Marie Allen, Ph.D. & Shell Marks, M.S.
    Stories of support from many women. A very emotional read, but worth it.

    Motherhood after Miscarriage
    by Dr. Kathleen Diamond (Ph.D. biochemistry)
    Medical info and support.

    Stories of Miscarriage - Healing with Words
    edited by Rachel Faldet and Karen Fitton
    Moving writings from both mothers and fathers.

    Preventing Miscarriage: The Good News
    by Jonathan Scher, M.D.
    A good look into the medical causes of loss and information on testing and prevention.

    Surviving Pregnancy Loss: A Complete Sourcebook for Women and Their Families
    (revised & updated)
    by Rochelle Friedman, MD & Bonnie Gradstein, MPH
    An in-depth look at the physical and emotional, with a section on husbands & other family. Some stories, a good resource list, and great bibliography.

    A Time To Decide, A Time To Heal
    Molly Minnock, MSW, Kathleen Delp, ACSW and Mary Ciotti, MD
    This is a book for parents who are making difficult decisions about babies they love. It's written by mothers & fathers who have faced the news of a fetal anomaly with grief & courage. Topics include: Making decisions (continuing & interrupting the pregnancy), taking control, medical procedures, couples healing, selective fetal reduction and subsequent pregnancies.

    Unspeakable Losses: Understanding the Experience of Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, and Abortion
    Kim Kluger-Bell
    A therapist's look at the loss of a baby -- includes a number of personal stories. Looks at subjects including knowing of an in-utero death before the physical loss takes place, selective reduction, abortion for genetic reasons, loss after infertility, etc.

    Moving on

    If and when you are ready to move on to a thread for TTC there are these threads available:

    TTC after a Loss
    TTC w/ Charting
    Plus Size and TTC
    Seeing What Happens
    Still At It
    TTC at 35+

    Or if you have decided to wait these threads are available:

    Ladies in Waiting
    Charting to Avoid
    It's hardest to say good-bye, when you never got a chance to say hello

    No matter how many children I live to have, it will always be one less than I want

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    Open for posting
    It's hardest to say good-bye, when you never got a chance to say hello

    No matter how many children I live to have, it will always be one less than I want

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    Janu - So sorry for your loss. I had a d&c over the summer after waiting a month to m/c naturally. This past m/c I was scheduled for a week and a half after I found our the baby stopped developing. I started bleeding a few days before and ended up having an emergency D&C a few days before. It really all depends on how much you can take.

    BMR - How are you doing?

    My MW called yesterday with with the results of the fetal tissue analysis. They found Trisomy 12. I've been researching this but cannot make head nor tails of the information (I should have paid more attention in freshman biology.) Anyway, it's what we expected. DH and I elected to get tested, although my MW said that since we have a DD that is healthy there is a good chance that they will not find anything.

    We're still confused about having another baby...

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    Southtrooper Maybe I can find you some more simple information on Trisomy 12. I have a degree in Human Development and I know this information can be confusing. If I find something, I will let you know.

    I am crying more today than I ever have been. My husband has cried a lot too. Every day we have tears in our eyes. I have learned a lot about life this past year. My husband had a heart attack in May. He was 33 at the time. No one can explain why this happened, but if he had not been in the ER at the time of his heart attack, he would not be alive today. They had to use CPR to bring him back. He was dead for almost 20 seconds. After that, my world was upside down. My husband lost a good friend and his grandmother last year and we also had A LOT of small troubles in between. The only light we had was this baby. It happened so quickly. It was perfect and now this. I am a stong person, but there is not much more I can take. I thought 2010 would be a good year.
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    Janu and BMR I think of you both and am sorry this is all so fresh.

    Southlooper Our results from this past miscarriage showed a fetus with Trisomy 19 (an extra set of chromosomes) from everything we read and spoke with our doctor about most of these are random mutations. From what we can tell most of these trisomy issues are just random and should not occur. We had already done a series of testing between our first two children since we had 2 blighted ovums in a row (then another early loss). Sad to say some of this is just bad luck.

    because if this news he actually felt better about us trying again because he knew what had happened and felt that it was just random. So here I am am just shy of 5 weeks and we shall see. I am terrified though and afraid to tell anyone that we took one more shot at this!
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    I just realized I probably never "officially" joined this thread. Here are my stats, although I hate looking at them:

    Me: 30
    DH: 31
    Married: 08/02/2003
    TTC: 02/01/2009
    MC#1: suspected partial molar-d&c on 8/14/2009 @ 9wks (but measuring 7wks)
    MC#2: d&c on 1/8/2010 and methotrexate for ectopic pg @ 6wks

    BMR You have just had an incredibly bad year, and I am so sorry. I cried daily for a week or so with my first m/c, and even though I never completely healed from it, know that the days do get easier with some time. Hang in there.

    Southlooper I hope you're able to make some sense out of the results. I'd be interested to hear about your and your DH's experience with getting tested, because I believe DH and I would like to do that next for our own peace of mind.

    almostthere I must have missed your news before, congrats!

    AFM: I'm on day 3 of spotting and waiting for AF to officially come out to greet me so that I can schedule the hsg. I've been very angry these last few days, especially as bills have started trickling for this last d&c, etc. I swear I just finished paying the bills from the one before! And we haven't even started with the bulk of the RPL testings and maybe even treatments! I'm already several thousand dollars into medical bills in the last 6 months, and no baby in sight. I am just so stinking mad and jealous that everyone else seems to get a baby without struggle!
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