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    I tried and tried to get ds attached to a lovey. He didn't until he was about 2. It was a webkins cat that my MIL got for free when she bought something else. It's name is Baby Cat, and we have two. He knows we have two and sometimes likes to have both. They usually stay in his bed.

    He keeps changing what his lovey is. The next one was a bear named Hartley, then some beanie babies, a monkey named Gracie, and most recently a turkey and bear from Build-a-Bear named Gummy and "Eli's Bear" (we got it for his baby brother). It seems like the newest thing is the latest lovey, and they all end up in a pile on his bed and he seems to pay no attention to them. But last night he woke up crying and saying "I can't do my hippo", because it was in the living room. How he figured out which one was missing out of the 20 in there I'll never know.

    He also has blankets, which he calls "my little blanket that Nana made" and "my brown bear blanket that Nana made".

    I still have mine- Yellow Puppy. He stays on the shelf on the head of my bed.

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    DS has a stuffed penguin he is very attached to. He calls him Penguin and pretty much takes him everywhere he goes. He formed this attachment on his own.

    DD hasn't taken to a lovey yet, aside from constantly playing with my hair. I asked my grandma to make her a small version of a large blanket she crocheted for us. It has a lot of fringe on the edges and DD seems to love that. I am hoping the smaller version of it will become a lovey for DD because I just cannot sit there and let her play with my hair all day and all night.

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    DS1 has three consistent loveys - a bear, a bunny, and a bear dressed as a bunny. There are also a few transient ones - right now they include a baby doll and two stuffed Elmos he got for Christmas. Some nights there's no room for him in his bed!

    Feisty Mine was also a full-sized bed blanket named "Blue Blankie." I still have it as a matter of fact and we used it last week when we stayed at a friend's house. My mom had to restitch the lining on, but other than that, it's in pretty good condition.
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    DD1 has a micro-fleece blanket that I made for her before she was born. She also has the FP musical/light-up sea horse that she loves.

    DD2 has a purple Carter's blanket that's minky on one side and satin on the other. She also loves her new "baby" which is a My Little Pony with a bottle.
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    DD has a blankie--she likes to rub the satin edging while (alas) sucking on a pacifier.

    RE: Helping to establish a lovey--I didn't really do anything--I did use the blanket all the time when she was younger, because it was soft and warm. As she got older she began seeking it out and asking for it on her own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by espresso View Post
    For a new parent, how do you establish something as a lovey? Give it to them often for bedtime? What age?
    My DD was about 5m old when we received a pre-loved Carters bear/blankie from the 3 year old son of a friend of ours. His Mom let him give it to DD, but on the side she asked if we'd keep it handy in case he really wasn't ready to part with it. But, she never asked for it back so I just tossed it in her crib without thinking about it. A while later I went to wash him (she'd spit up on him) and she would NOT settle down for her nap that day. After 2 times going back in and no luck, I grabbed Bubba off the laundry pile and took him in. She took him, curled up and went almost immediately to sleep . The rest is history.

    That's the only advice I have. Start early and see if DC attaches to anything, or if they show signs of liking a certain lovey type item...run with it. DD has a friend that has a plain white cloth diaper as a lovey. You just never know.

    If I had it to do again I would order one of these blankies and give it a try. DD has practically chewed off Bubba's arm and ear while teething so the nubby teething ends would be cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betsyboop View Post
    2.5yr-present- Stuffed lobster that we bought this summer in Galilee, RI. His name is Yobba. She gets comments all.the.time about how funny/unusual/weird it is that her lovey is a lobster. She's a true New Englander, I guess
    Too cute!

    I collected stuffed lobsters as a kid (I'm from CT and spent a lot of time in Maine). Lars is the largest in my collection. I always wondered exactly who else bought stuffed lobsters.

    DD didn't have a lovey until she was about 2 1/2, she just didn't care until then. But now her stuffed Hello Kitty goes everywhere with her.

    Another good book about lovies - Where's Bear?.
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    DS is 6. He recieved his lovey as a birth present. It is an elephant head/blanket with his name and birthdate embroidered on it. I don't remember when he finally became attatched to it, before he was 2 I am sure. We got him a second to be safe. We thought he might be freaked out if he saw both but he was thrilled. He held one up in each hand and yelled twins. They are no longer identical though since the ribbon on the end of one needed to be replaced. So one is blue and one is pink. They are both female. They are for sleeping and emotionally tramatic times and around the house. They do not go out and about with us. They did take turns going to daycare and preschool for nap time.

    In preschool DS and his 2 best friends developed their own superhero team. Their lovies were soon initiated into the team and trained. They each have a bio. They all come for other planets. They all have super powers.

    DS's loveys are both named Lovee, is spelling, but the other day he decided that their is a silent Q at the beginning of their name - QLovee.

    DS usually takes his lovies with him to play on the computer or watch tv in the morning before we awake but they are not dragged all over the house. We usually have to go find them at night whereever they were left in the morning.

    Surprisingly though, as attatched as DS is to his loveys he has been able to settle down and sleep with a subsitute fairly easily on those few occassions when they were forgotten on an overnight trip or a trip to school for nap time.

    I will be sooo sad when DS decides he his too old for a lovee. They will not be thrown out though. I will keep them safe and sound until DS has his own child and then offer them up, if I can bear to part with them myself.

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    One of my LJ friends bought a gymboree blanket with cherries on it for my daughter when she was born. That's been her lovey for years..she puts the tag on her finger and sleeps that way.

    My son is very partial to two blankets...both from gymbo. One has puppies, the other a chipmunk. He also refuses to sleep without a little stuffed duck.
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    DS is 2 and this has been his lovey since day 2

    he loves his monkey and sleeps with it for naps and bedtime. it also goes with us to Dr. visits and church (where he's likely to get sleepy). It used to be monkey and paci together were the magic combo but we got rid of paci a few months ago and he's adjusted pretty well to just having monkey.
    there've been several times I've wish we had more than one... like the saturday I was at the park at 6:30 am going over all the walking trails looking for our lost monkey, but we've done fine with the one. we have another little blankie that's similar that has a lion's head and is blue and he does OK with that if his monkey's in the washer or something.

    espresso when DS was born, he was in the NICU for a while and we took the lovey there so he'd have a "buddy" in his isolet with him... someone else to look at, feel. once he came home, we'd give it to him in his carseat or crib or whenever we'd leave him somewhere without us (i.e. pack n play, swing, playmat) so he had his familiar buddy. I don't remember when he actually started looking for the lovey if it wasn't there, but it wasn't for a while. After 5 or 6 months I started giving it to him whenever I nursed him so he would associate monkey with the comfort of nursing because once he started solid foods, he didn't need to nurse as much, but still wanted that comfort and security.
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