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    Default The Lovey Thread...who is your DC's go-to comfort?

    I'm sure it's been noticed that I am a big advocate of a child having a lovey, if they are so inclined to be attached to one (I know some kids just aren't). In our experience it has been a great blessing for my DD in helping her self-soothe for sleeping, and be more calm in stressfull situations or when leaving us for a period of time.

    So, I decided on a whim to start a Lovey thread. Post pictures, stories, lost-and-found or lost and never found experiences. They can be yours or your DC's. I know I remember having a blanket that had to go with me everywhere when I was a kid.

    Oh, and a recommendation to anyone with a DC who has a lovey...get the book Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems. I am going to have to buy it now after getting it from the library, DD LOVES IT and now carries her stuffed bunny around calling it knuffle bunny. It's a sweet, hilarious and oh so true book.
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    My DD's lovey is an entire full size bed blanket. She calls it "Boo Baken." Which is funny because she says the words "blue" and "blanket" correctly in other situations. We've cut off some smaller pieces to use for travel, but often we just bring the whole darn thing. It's been her lovey since she was about 9 months old and she's 2.5 now. It's kind of nice that it's so big, because I think it will be harder to lose.
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    DD has had a few lovies over the last couple of years.

    15-20months- A plush baby doll whose name was "Baby".

    18months-present- A pink, green, and white striped blanket, which she calls Dim-dim. Used to be much more attached to it, but still must have it for sleeping.

    2yr-2.5yr- Pooh Bear. Bought on a whim at Disney World, immediately became most favorite toy. Came with us everywhere for a while there. Still sleeps with him, but that's about it nowadays.

    2.5yr-present- Stuffed lobster that we bought this summer in Galilee, RI. His name is Yobba. She gets comments all.the.time about how funny/unusual/weird it is that her lovey is a lobster. She's a true New Englander, I guess We'd be in BIG TROUBLE if something ever happened to Yobba because I don't know if we'd be able to find another, especially at this time of year...

    Something weird that DD has always done with her lovies is pluck lint from them which she then clutches in her fist while sucking her thumb. Because of this, they all end up with bald spots all over them and we end up with moist lint all over the place. It's especially fun when a big glob of red Yobba lint comes shooting out of her nose when she sneezes
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    I have a lovey that I still like to pull out when I'm feeling like I need a bit of comfort. It's a big stuffed red panda that my dad bought for me when I was teensy-tiny. I also have the blanket I drug with me everywhere, though I don't pull it out nearly as often because it's literally falling to pieces.

    DS1 has a variety of loveys, and he changes what he wants every couple of days or so. It's usually either a beany baby bear, a small stuffed dog, or a stuffed giraffe. Though sometimes it's really random, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure.

    DD and DS2 have never been attached to loveys at all. I tried to create connections for both of them, but they never bought into it.

    Edit: I'm not sure how I forgot that DS1's main lovey is any t-shirt of DH's. He wants one pretty much every night, along with whatever small stuffed animal he wants.
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    DD has a lovey that she's used since she was one, she's now 4.5. It's a bear-head lovey from Carters that she named "dadoo" and is falling apart now. She still sleeps with it every night and there's no sight of her ditching it anytime soon. She was about 3 when we limited it to only bed, before that it went everywhere with her. It's also the only time she sucks her thumb, when she has her lovey.

    It's her true comfort, so I hope it just doesn't get too threadbare.

    ETA...Had to take the pictures out, the were huge!
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    DD is super attached to her old pink sleep sacks - I cut out the zippers and opened them up. Fortunately we have 5 of them so they can rotate through the wash. She usually needs two of them nearby at all times. Everyone in our lives knows "Sleep Sack" We just did family pictures at a very nice studio with my parents, and for the last few photos it's DD ,me and DH and sleep sack! When you hand sleep sack to her she reaches out with one hand, and her thumb immediately goes in her mouth.

    It gives her so much comfort, I love sleep sack almost as much as she does. Sometimes she gives one to us to snuggle with, which always makes me melt.

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    We have the Carter's lovey with the little frog. He has 2 at home, 1 at daycare and 1 at MIL's. It's really comforting to him especially when he sleeps.

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    DD will be 5 in a couple of weeks and still uses a lovey - "pink blanket" (full-sized that is personalized with her name and birthday) who is a SHE and goes everywhere with her. We have said that when she's 5 it can't leave the car (it often stays in the car now) but she can have it whenever else she wants.

    For a long time it was one of those small blankets with a head on it - a bunny head - we had about 5 of them, passed down from my nephew - but we lost every one of them. (My sister started with 1 and then bought a bunch more when her son lost it.) It's been pink blanket ever since.

    DD2 is also addicted to a blanket - "purple blanket" - I specifically bought her a green one with her name and birthday on it to match DD1's and tried to introduce that one but she prefers the purple one.

    I deliberately introduced a lovey around 6 months to DD1 because she was such a lousy sleeper.
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    For a new parent, how do you establish something as a lovey? Give it to them often for bedtime? What age?
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    About 6 months ago DD she got attached to a beanie baby lion that she took everywhere for about 6 weeks. Looking back her favorite daycare teacher was out for a couple of weeks and that's when the attachment to the lion started. When she came back, the lion wasn't as necessary. We finally started leaving him at daycare for just naps. She recently switched to a different daycare center and I've brought out the lion again.

    As for bedtime, she has two blankets (one is pink and fuzzy) and two heads with the small blankets that she snuggles with. She has to have them all. If she wakes up in the middle of the night and I bring her to bed with us, she insists on bringing them all. I only wish the loveys helped her sleep better!

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