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    Default Headaches that move around the head

    I have been getting these annoying headaches that move around. One minute it may be pressing down on the top right of my head for a while and then move to the left back, right side, etc..

    It doesnt necessarily move consistently. The pain may go away for a few minutes and then come back somewhere new.

    I am pretty sure they are stressed induced. I seem to get them when I am stressed out (like now) and when Im tired.

    I hate them. I used to only get headaches in the front (forehead). Now they are taking a trip around my head.

    Does anyone else get this?
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    I have headaches that seem to move around my face. They primarily stay around my temples, but will move to my forehead, behind my eyes, across my nose, and into my top teeth. My dr said what I have are mild migraines and told me to take ibprofen and lots of caffiene. She did note to be careful with the treatment because if I take too much caffiene, I'd start getting rebound headaches, which are so much more painful than the initial headache.
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    My doctor told me I was having migraines too but I just dont buy that. The pain I am describing doesnt fit the classic description of a migraine.

    After a second visit for these headaches, she said that they were stressed induced and I could have swelling around the top of my spine which puts pressure on where my cranial nerves exit from the spine and travel into the head. Then the top of the cranial nerve is causing the pain in the specific spots on my head.

    I cant find anything online about this, so I just dont know!

    This seems to describe my headaches EXACTLY:


    I just wanted to post this JIC anyone else had this problem. It is definitly not fun. I am logging them in a headache diary on my iPhone.
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    ~Precious Daughter Since 2002~
    "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. -Aristotle

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