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    sea - we made the same decision after consultation with their preschool teachers. Honestly we are doing it primarily to make our life easier. Our 2 really are not attached to each other and go their separate ways and have different friends. We figured for the first year it would be easier to have 1 teacher and 1 set of homework. Wow that is amazing that Catalina is reading that well!

    We had our preschool field trip yesterday and I was just so proud of how well behaved my guys were and how considerate they were towards their friends. They are both so concerned with making sure everyone is ok and having fun. Warms my heart! But I cannot believe we are heading to kindergarten already. Wasn't I just pregnant with them!!
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    Hello, everyone! I know I'm not the only twin mom who is sending her children to kindergarten this year How is everyone doing?
    How are all the MOMs?

    After much back-and-forth, we kept the girls together. My sister has split her twins up this year for kinder. Still not sure I made the "best" choice, but it's not the end of the world either way.
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    Hi Sea, glad you bumped it up! I was thinking the other day about the other twinmoms here with school starting. I don't know if there's a best choice, there's pros and cons both ways. Hopefully they'll have interest in at least one different friend, and you can encourage some individual playdates so they can separate a bit. And if there are problems, you can always separate next year! Have you talked to the teacher about it yet to find out if s/he'll encourage independence?

    My two just started 1st grade. I've been trying to work with DD more on her social skills. She's very much in her own fantasy world often, and very passionate. She's mostly super happy about everything, but when she perceives a slight she gets sooo angry. Then she tells the friend that she doesn't want to play with them and goes to play with her twin. I don't know if it's good that she's got him when she's upset, or if having him there lets her get out of working out the issue with her friend in the moment. I think they're at the same reading level, but she often tells me he's a better reader than she is and sometimes cries about it. (6 yr olds aren't always really logical, are they?!) I think these things would happen even if they were in separate classes, because they'd be together at recess anyway and do homework together. Of course they're B/G twins so it's a different dynamic maybe, but so far I haven't seen any problems in class with them together.

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    It's been 1.5 years since the dust was blown off this thread.

    In the off chance anyone will read ...

    So, the girls just turned seven. One DD has a BEST friend in their class and she also lives in our subdivision. The other DD is a little on the quirky side and I'm not sure she has a close friend. Tonight I got a text from the other girl's mom and she invited my twins over on Saturday to play. This is the first time they will have a play date with this girl.

    My DD who is super close with this other child FLIPPED out because she doesn't want her twin there. JUST HER. Which I totally get, they don't have to have the same friends but they were BOTH invited and her twin sister knows.

    I tried to ask my DD if she wanted to do something really special with me on Saturday and just let her sister go on the playdate and she FlIPPED out. I told her it was okay and she could go as well. Then my other DD FLIPPED out.

    I explained to DD who is close friends with the other girl that she WILL have chances to have play dates with just her friend, but right now, this one is a shared one. It took her awhile to calm down.

    This is ALL new for us. Anyone have the same sort of issue before?
    Loving my DDs and DS

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