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    Oh, that is a nice idea! I hadn't thought of using it for hankies. It might also be a good gift for the grandmothers!
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    Sold mine on Ebay to some lucky girl in Key West who got to waltz down the aisle in the dress I still adore to this day. I only recouped 25% of the cost but no biggie.

    I did think after the fact about using it for a Christening outfit (which would have worked even though we have a boy because I didn't have a dress that was frilly/lacy/tulley) but eh...I just think about the exorbitent cost I would have incurred as opposed to the 60 bucks I shelled out for his recent Christening outfit and I think I'm glad I didn't.
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    Another idea is to donate it to Brides Across America an organization that gives wedding dresses to military brides.
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    I love the idea. this will be a very helpful tool. thanks.

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