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    Default Threadmistresses 101: your "how to" guide

    Getting a group username

    To start a thread you'll need a new email address and to register under a new name.

    (Note: the threadmistress account is NOT to be used to keep your identity hidden. If you want to keep your identity private during your pregnancy, you may sign up for an anonymous username instead by PMing a mod.)

    Most threadmistresses sign up for a free email account, like on hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. (like Jan2009Moms @ yahoo.com) That way they can share the username with other threadmistresses more easily, and if someone forgets the password they have access to the email. You may want to PM the email and password info to this account, so that future TMs will always have it saved in the PM section and it won't be forgotten (which has happened many times).

    After getting the email address, you have to logout of your usual CC screenname and register for a new account, using the new email. Usually the email address and the new username match, so it's easy for you to remember (eg Jan2009Moms). Our Admins will recognize the username as a group one and the next time they log in will take you off of "moderated posts" status.

    When you first register, you will be able to send PMs and view the forums, but you will find that the forum software won't let you post yet. That means you will have to wait for an Admin to come on here and approve your account and you can't start the new thread immediately.

    Starting the thread
    The next step is setting up the thread. You just start a new post in the group forum. You can copy the set up and info of any of the other pregnancy threads that you like.

    Just be sure to include a line that says "Your threadmistresses are..." and list all of them. That way people know who's running the thread and know who to PM about it.

    Once the thread is approved (if you're accidentally still on moderated status), you can continue posting all the info at the beginning of the thread. If you aren't ready for other people to start posting in there yet, when you create the thread just add NOT OPEN FOR POSTING or something like that. When you're done, PM a mod for a title change and include the link.

    Updating or starting a new thread
    Anytime you want to change the title, just PM a mod in that forum with a link to the thread and the new title and we'd be happy to update it for you.

    When the thread reaches 1000 posts, it is your job to start a new thread. Copy and paste all the info into a new thread. Post a link to the previous thread. Then go back to the old thread, post that the new thread is open, and link to it. Now PM a mod and ask that the old thread be closed--please include a link!

    If your thread is not at 1000 posts but needs to be moved to the next section (Infants, Toddlers, or Big Kids), you can either close it and start fresh or just PM a mod to get the thread moved over to that section. It won't affect subscriptions.

    How do I find a mod to PM?
    If you look at the forum where you can view all the group threads (like here), you'll see at the bottom a blue bar and on the right will be a list of the moderators. Click on any of us and you'll be able to send a PM through our profiles.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM a mod from this forum.
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