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    I don't know how much fantasy football help I'll get here, but I need some opinions. I do know that for the past couple of years, there have been 2 CC fantasy football leagues, so I know there's some interest

    I'm in a keeper league and I'm trying to decide who to keep. My top contenders are Tony Romo (QB-DAL), Clinton Portis (RB-WAS), and Jamal Lewis (RB-CLE). I finished second last year, so this year I'll be drafting 9th in the first round and 2nd in the second round (so 9th and 12th overall picks). My league (like most) tends to favor running backs, so there will be a run on running backs in the first round, not to mention the RBs that will be kept by the other teams. So, I could probably get Romo back (and possibly get P. Manning or Brady) and keep Portis or Lewis. But, I'm not sure that Portis or Lewis are quality enough to keep. And I also feel that I could probably get at least one of them back (or a better RB).

    Any opinions?

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    Does who you keep influence anything else in your draft? Sometimes you lose a draft pick in a certain round if you keep someone - like if you keep Romo you lose your second round pick, but if you keep Portis you lose round three. Or does everyone just keep one player and nothing else is affected?

    10 team league?

    I'd probably keep Portis depending on the answers to my questions. If most people are keeping RBs and you don't draft until 9th there could be 18 RBs off the board by the time you pick.

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    I told my DH to stay away from Romo. He's got way too much off-field drama for my liking and I think that will catch up with him soon. That's just my opinion though.
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