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    Default Normal Blood Sugar for a 3 year old?

    My DD will turn 4 in February. She has recently been hungry all the time and has been going pee pee a lot. I have not noticed excessive thirst, but she has always been a big drinker. I used my husbands glucometer (sp?) this morning to check her blood suger (before eating or drinking anything) and it was 139. My DH has Type 2 diabetes and is 1/16 Native American. I cannot find any solid info on what a child's fasting sugars should be. Any help would be appreciated!
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    I would get it checked out...they like adults to be 100, so if her's is that high I'd get it checked out. I'd keep track in a notebook for 2 weeks or so, what she eats and the levels. That will give you a better idea what's going on. It runs bad in my family, so I have a good idea how to spot it in my son when I need to.
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    I second the suggestion of getting it checked out with a pediatrician, especially since there is a family history of diabetes. A fasting blood sugar over 125 is pretty high. Most doctors like to see a fasting blood sugar under 100 for both children and adults.
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