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    Quote Originally Posted by ejs View Post

    Proper etiquette says that guests should never take a gift to the wedding (no matter where it is located), it should be mailed ahead of time.
    Wow I never knew that! Good tips from everyone on how to "hint" that you dont want a gift but money instead.

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    Please tell me she's not asking for any type of gift on her actual invitation (money or registry)...tacky!! But I agree with everyone else...you cannot ask for money.

    I know Crate and Barrel has a really easy return policy for money (or it did 3 years ago when I got married- not sure now).

    We just had to send a gift for one of DH's friends who is on his SECOND wedding! They had about 15 things on their registry, and DH said it's because they want money (I guess for the first wedding, DH's friend asked for money). I wanted to send nothing since we already got him a gift for his first wedding, AND we're not even going to this wedding...but I just couldn't do it so I gave in and sent another gift! At least I held strong and didn't send money.

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    I had this happen with my husband's cousin, for her bridal shower. The invite said I was invited to a "subscription" bridal shower. I had never heard of such a thing and had to call my MIL to ask what it meant because I hadn't had the slightest clue. Turns out it's a way of asking for cash gifts. Apparently, the term was something that was very local to their area. We live about 40 miles away and I had never heard of it, and neither had anyone else when I posted about it on a wedding board.

    PS. We also thought it was incredibly tacky to ask for cash. Even though they were living together, in his house, that he had owned with his ex-wife, we thought it was weird she didn't register, thinking she would want some things of her own, rather than things that were reminders of the ex-wife, but whatever.

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    IMO, the most she could do is try to let her intentions spread by word of mouth.
    I think even this would rub me the wrong way.

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    I think the best bet would be by not registering. If I went to a wedding and they didnt have a registry Id either give cash or buy a gift card.
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    My sister was wondering this, I assumed the answer was this but she decided to use this registry site- www.uponourstar.com

    It allows you to register for wishes (home goods, big ticket items like furniture, honeymoon excursions, etc) but you just cash out at the end and in realitiy, you get money. But people are buying you stuff, because you select real items or wishes... she hasn't gotten married yet, but it seemed like an alternative to asking for money, but still getting cash.

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